View Full Version : Why does everyone want multiple options?

04-03-2017, 04:23 PM
Everyone seem to want the option to side with Coon & Friends or Freedom Pals, which I kinda hope too. But a lot of people want the actual story to be affected by it, which is ridiculous to me. I think it should just be a segment of the game, and just like last time, just the same thing except with characters swapped. I doubt Matt & Trey will write multiple scripts.

Personally, while I do want to chose a side, the first time I played Stick Of Truth it was SUPER unsatisfying not knowing what would be said if I picked the other side, so I couldn't just enjoy the game in peace during that part lol.

Making this post actually made me think of something though; imagine if the specific segment where you chose sides is just like the School Battle, a fight to get into Proffesor Chaos' layer and defeat him... But not only could you side with Coon & Friends or Freedom Pals, but also Professor Chaos and be on the evil side.

Of course, only for that specific segment to not affect the rest of the plot :P

04-03-2017, 10:29 PM
Choices are the heart and soul of what most people consider good RPGs. This Game is suppose to have 12 classes to choose from, i'm quite excited about that.

i'm fine either way though, i trust however Trey and Matt decided to do it will be good.