View Full Version : Are we better off not playing this game untill UBI fixes it?

03-26-2017, 07:03 AM
-Match up against yellow gear team
-match up with yellow gear
-Being a lawbringer main

Worst experience i have ever had.

03-26-2017, 07:20 AM
Absolutely not in my humble opinion. A player base actively engaged in the gameplay and improvement of For Honor are crucial. Rome was not built over night and neither is a one of a kind game such as this. While I can completely understand your points and fully support their need to be addressed I also see the unrivaled enjoyment gained from this game when things work as intended. But that is a personal decision to make and not one best left to people on the internet.

03-26-2017, 07:39 AM
If its getting frustrating take a break. I love the game and have 150hrs into it.

If they don't announce a balance patch next warriors den I'll be gone until s2