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03-24-2017, 06:25 PM
Hey guys @ ubisoft I love ghost recon wildlands but I have a few requests which could make the game much much bigger and better and more fun. First request, Make the graphics and textures better and detailed add fighter jets including a harrier jump jet the ability for players to choose to play in first person mode ONLY instead of 3rd and first so for driving and flying and shooting especially. Add more guns the enemy's don't see you while you're not moving and you're out of line of sight so you are harder to detect everybody loves a game that has idiot AI. Add the chevytac intervention as a sniper rifle option add the Barrett.50 Cal sniper rifle add new scopes and an actual range finger to put on every sniper rifle so while the players aiming at an object they can see how far im meters the object or target they're aiming at is from them. I'm a sniper and only snipe in every game I play. Just help us out guys and do this. Just add a more realistic feel to the game if you would and add new cars make the cars have a unique sound and each one have a different sound to them it's no right make the next update huge and add all of these thing s and more people will buy and play the game I'm a hard core gamer and know what gamers want. I have great ideas for every game I play and no company ever listens to them but I know what can be done to make any game I play great and even better. Thanks - Exoticmodx

05-28-2017, 07:44 PM
What would make this game next level in my opinion is;
Have a random objective generator. Instead of completing the game, if the game would constantly generate objectives, there would be a never ending supply of missions to do.

Next level someday kind of stuff would be;
To be able to even randomly generate the terrain, and cities, and climates...

Basically, if every time I did a mission, the mission and location were brand new. That'd be sick.

10-01-2017, 04:04 AM
If your the devs of ghost recon wildlsnds pls add FRIST PERSON and pls add rappeling, to helicopter and grappling hooks,so you can climping over tall walls and add new wepons, and new sights, and scopes,and add better graphics and better sound detale to guns and the wilderness of the biomes and pls add thermel sights to sniper scopes and plz add more helicopters,and more planes and pls add the c130. And plz add rolplay for the charecters to enjoy and plz don't make us use guns 24/7 and let us not use so many guns plz. And plz don't make us have to wear certain clothes so we can make custom clothing.

03-04-2018, 03:21 PM
Hey everyone,
So it's march of 2018 and I've been playing this game since the first beta. I've gotten the platinum trophy 100% completed the game and gone through tier 1 mode on my main account. I continued to play even after that and have now made a second character I'm going to do it all on again.

I've enjoyed this game a lot and I think there is real replay value in it already, however if added some extra features would make it an even longer running game! The first set of additions I personally would like added but may not appeal to everyone so these are just bonus stuff I would love to see!

These are :

WEAPON- SA-58 OSW | it's been in future soldier, the division under the name tactical sa-58 and in Rainbow 6 siege as the para-308. I loved using it in these games and it was a shame I didn't see it originally in Wildlands.

WEAPON-: VSS Vintorez rifle and it's variant | Another rifle I've actually seen people ask for besides myself in posts online on you tube in-game it'self. I think these would be great additions too!

WEAPON- RPG's and some sort of launcher with lock on capability. The system is there already from my memory the helicopters with rocets on them can lock on, though I could be wrong. These would be nice to see too!


I first saw it added with the vector spectra then a few more came along in packs and some with DLC but gun wrap's that you can add to any weapon would be awesome.

There are already a few variants in-game there is a sniper in a pack you can buy that comes with the mossy ghillie suit that has foliage as the wrap, then the spectra has cloth, I think adding these in so we could use them on any gun would be great!

Another two options I've though of that i personally would love to see are the option to carry one (1) primary weapon, not two (2). Since this is supposed to be a more tactical franchise I don't think you need an lmg and an hti haha.

As-well adding the option to remove backpacks would be a nice feature too. I've recently watched a you tuber who created a wild lands field manual, and it adds weight limits and such.

I think if you were trying to immerse yourself in the game more having the option to remove a backpack would be nice as you could then gear up at a f.o.b for the current mission instead of looking like your going on a long operation.

The last and biggest thing I've though of, and this is a larger stretch to seeing it implemented into the game as i think it would take alot to do but.. Adding in an option to create your own missions in the full open world of the game. I don't mean anything as in-depth as say ARMA 3's editor but along those lines, just very simple.

Have menus where you can add enemies in locations maybe they're guarding drug shipments or something and then when you've adjusted the settings to what you want to do just accept it and the game would create that said task for you and anyone your playing with.

I believe something like this could really add to the game and it would give even more replay value to it. I've seen people in-game still saying they have just picked it up so even after roughly a year people are still going strong and purchasing the game. i'd love to see it continue like that.

Anyway just a few thoughts I have had while playing.

Thank you for your time!

03-06-2018, 05:13 PM
**Additional Note! **

I was talking to some people a few nights ago and came up with another great idea.

So after grinding through all 50 tiers and reach tier 1 there isn't really any point in keeping said tier on besides for an added challenge. So i thought about it and came up with an idea that a lot of people i spoke to that night also thought would be really cool to see implemented. If once you reached tier one every added level gave you a small about of credits to go towards purchasing packs or crates it would add more replay ability once again and also keep things interesting!

Thank you for your time,


07-23-2018, 05:41 PM
please add : -horn for vehicle
-one hand gloves

and please remove the lights when vehicle headlights are destroyed

08-04-2018, 09:24 PM
Hopefully you people at Ubisoft will read this and I have some good ideas. One idea that I think would be pretty cool and I have not seen anyone else come up with yet is having themes or costumes to put on rebels for example military soldiers or something funny like Star Wars or ninjas something creative. Also I would like to see when your in a Unidad or Santa Blanca helicopter the SAMs will not shoot you out of the air unless you open fire or are detected and same goes with if a unidad helicopter attacks the cartel or opposite the SAMs will shoot that helicopter out of the air instead of ignoring it. You should be able to have some way to get rebel into helicopters or land vehicles by honking a horn or something. Also these are two heavily requested things: RPGs and Fighter Jets please.