View Full Version : Ubisoft - Let me fix matchmaking and conqueror for you.

03-15-2017, 08:19 AM
Evidently, your job is too difficult for you. Let an engineer provide consulting services to you for free (just this once).

You may fix matchmaking, for the time being, by throwing your current one out the window, completely. As of now, we are worse off with your matchmaking system than if the game completely randomly ordered players together. If you want to do something, the single metric you should use is just raw overall player experience across all characters. See post further below for explanation.

In short, you f*ked up, so just have the game randomly pair players - it may very well be more effective than your current trash.

How to fix conqueror: just fix it, dammit.

You are welcome.

03-15-2017, 08:21 AM
Who gave you a degree?!

03-15-2017, 08:32 AM
Would love to give proof with a name, but for privacy sake, be satisfied that it is generally ranked within the top 30-40 worldwide.

I'm serious, though. Their current system may as well serve the function of going out of its way to create bad balance.

The only way I can see that being the case is if they have a stupid system where the game calculates some value on a game to game basis and does matchmaking that way. Which would lead to someone who did well in one round being put with skilled players, where it is likely they won't perform as well, and "ping-pong"ing back and forth. Which could lead to the enormous differences in player experience you see in games. Seriously, more than half of my games are all the high renown players on one side. Literally ALL of them, vs all the inexperienced players on the other side.....

Get us some games where both team's renown numbers add up roughly evenly (across all characters), and I guarantee better balanced matches.

Right now it's just awful.