View Full Version : Revenge tweaking ideas and 1 vs X situations.

03-14-2017, 09:08 PM
We all know there are a few issues with revenge at the moment.

Gear increases it significantly (as opposed to stuff like stamina regen and run speed, which are barely noticeable).
It's up too often. It rewards defensive play style - the game is called bait the parry/ guardbreak. Revenge is YET ANOTHER mechanic that rewards the blocker/defender instead of the attacker (even for classes with the "revenge-on-attacks" feat).

But right now, it's up too often. Sometimes even in pure 1v1 duels

The effect itself is fine. More than fine, it's NEEDED to give the defender a chance in outnumbered combat.
But it does need a tweak at the moment.
Here are a couple of ideas.Feel free to add more.

Punish friendly fire. Seriously.
If you hit a team mate, you need to be punished. Not him.
Make it so when you do it, you lose a significant chunk of your stamina bar. Might even add a knockdown if you become exhausted, the same that happens when you hit a person as he activates revenge.
If you are ganking an enemy in 1v3, the LEAST you could do is play smart. Surround him. No sweep attacks. No interrupting your team mate's guardbreak on the enemy.
I'm tired of seeing greedy clowns racing each other to steal the last hit on an enemy, making stupid mistakes and getting in each other's way. If you want to 3v1, you should play smart, position properly, zone the enemy and beware of your team mates' positions. If you don't, that should cost you.
This would make attackers less agressive in 3v1 and alleviate the reliance on revenge to survive when outnumbered, allowing Ubisoft to lower the revenge meter or even add a cooldown.

Make it so you only gain revenge from enemies that you are not targeting. So the guy you are focusing doesn't give you revenge, only the "adds" on the sides. Obviously in this situation revenge gain would have to be boosted.. There would be no more revenge in 1v1 duels.
The downside to this is that it would break the feat "revenge on attacks". Would need to be replaced by something else.

Revenge as a mechanic should be restricted to fights where you are outnumbered. PERIOD.
Outside that situation it's a bad mechanic that adds nothing to the game, except reward defending players even more.

Looking for comments and ideas.