View Full Version : I wish I could get my money back from Ubisoft. They are simply conniving!

03-14-2017, 04:50 PM
Too many connection problems. So many different people complain. :(

Just dropped from another horribly matched game (we were just stomping them), on to the next good balanced match that crashed while both team were breaking and still fighting.
What else is there that is worse then a product that fails you at the most clutch moment?
Like selling breaks that might work sometimes (good break-pads go for 25$ and not 60$).... :confused:

Please, vote with your money and ban their next game.
Its hard to protest actively, so just for us lazy gamers, just don;t buy the game.
We must do something, this will simply go on. :mad:

Ubisoft is getting EA bad :o - they must suffer - we will not buy next game.