View Full Version : This game needs a big patch..

03-14-2017, 02:29 AM
i love this game but it is sad as he is dying for the lack of maintenance and the little content, i think this game should have been more time in beta. I ont talk about of umbalance classes, If not of the little variation of the maps (only change weather on maps of campaign), in dominion need to make a rework to minions, they looks same all and concentrate on a single point, they dont make you feel like it's a real battle, minions need a rework and more mechanics. in duels 1vs1, 2vs2, 4vs4 maps are closed and dangerous, but the game forces you to fight in these circumstances, giving a lot of advantages to classes as warden, shugoki, warlord, conquer, valkyria maps should be allowed to move to open areas, It is sometimes uncomfortable to play on such closed maps.
Faction wars do not make sense It is more a nuisance than a real mode, the fact that there is no communication, or different leaders to plan a real war of factions makes it only one more delay in the search of matches, Faction war needs a big battle at the end of each round In which more people participate and that the faction with more resources gained has certain advantages.
Competitive mode, i dont understand how it was not added yet is something that should already be.
they said that the game had extensive customization, extensive colors and drawings the variation in people's clothing does not change all are almost the same the only variation is the adornment of the head, there must be decorations on other parts of clothing.
I really dont want the game to die, It is one of the best competitive games to play and i love so much but the lack of maintenance and content is killing him.

I do not talk about the imbalance of classes because it is something that takes time and is more complex, apart from that people will always be inconsistent with the balance. i know have to mention many more problems that's why I say the game needs a big patch.