View Full Version : lag is absolutely insane and makes game trash

03-13-2017, 06:31 PM
I cant take this **** anymore I just have to say something because this is just out of hand at this point. I cant even play 2 min in any dominion match I join! I get in and after maybe one flag cap or fight with someone I lag out instantly. the game play is awesome except for all the losers with not even a little bit of honor to let two people fight 1v1 but the game other then that is great. If it wasn't for the lag and disconnections then I would play this 24/7 but I cant even finish bounties because these peer to peer servers are **** and lag out in every dominion match I play. and I don't play elimination pvp or skirmish pvp because I suck at it but even in that the matchmaking is terrible. twice today I've been match with teammates without rep one vs a whole team of rep 3 and gear scores of 80 or higher. all I got to say is this game would be a lot better if the ****ty connection was fixed. I rather have my *** kicked and get **** all over in an elimination match at this point instead of lagging out of dominion matches where it doesn't even give me the chance to get ****ed up. I got nothing against the devs they just need to know the frustration of the community because this happens in literally ever ubisoft game. prime example is siege and they still haven't fixed that completely. so until then ill be snipping testacies off in sniper elite 4. and for all those samurai reading this, I don't understand how you guys go from ****ing **** up one day in the world map to having both other factions knocking on your doorstep the next, good luck with the rest of the season. Knights for the win, slaughter all others with honor, peace out my guys :cool: :cool: :cool: