View Full Version : F....k you UBISOFT!

03-11-2017, 05:13 PM
Congrats on creating the most frustrating game ever!

I donț know where to start on enumerating the infinite amount of sh...t you put your consumers through.
1)Opened ticket for not receiving content I PAYED for resolved after 10 DAYS of waiting...no Words
2)Getting disconnected from half the games with a 1GB/S Internet connection...no Words
3)Takes 10 attempts to join a game due to multitude of game errors and when I actually join it getting disconnected in Victory screen...no Words
4)You implemented a fix against afkrs in PVP but left out PvAI (Every PvAI game has atleast one afker) but you still have Orders for PvAI...no Words
5)But nothing compares to playing 15 minutes only to get DC and get no rewards...two words: **** YOU!

03-11-2017, 05:35 PM
It is frustrating getting nothing after nearly completing a match but it doesn't happen as often as you've described to me. More stability would always be welcome.

I do agree that they need to fix the AFK issue in PvAI. It's really bad. Perhaps they should disconnect AFK-ers and put them in a "Dishonorable" group where they can connect to only those in that group for x amount of matches.