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03-10-2017, 10:38 PM
Note: Don’t worry there’s a TLDNR bit there at the end.

I remember the first time I played AC1. I had finished the amazing Prince of Persia trilogy and couldn't find anything like it since. I then learned about Assassin’s Creed featuring some guy running on rooftops, killing a bunch of crusaders. It seemed somewhat like PoP although without any kind of fantasy setting, which upset me a bit, but since there was nothing similar at that time I decided to give it a shot anyway.

I launched the game an immediately noticed that there was something odd about the UI. There were chemical / DNA formulas and DNA strands flashing randomly in the background. I couldn’t understand what did any of that had to do with the crusades. I then started playing and was very pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t just some history stealth-action game. It was a fantasy (or rather sci-fi) game, just like pop! As I kept playing I realised that it also included various conspiracies and other cool elements, which made me very interested in Templars’ present day goals. After acquiring eagle vision through the bleeding effect, I couldn’t wait to get out of that animus lab. I was convinced that the sequel would take place in the present, why all else would Ubisoft set all of this up?

Then AC2 was announced and I was a bit disappointed that Desmond would still be stuck in the Animus, however at the same time he did get to leave the animus lab, so I got to experience that after all. And boy was AC2’s ending awesome. We learned so much more about the artefacts of Eden and about the first civilisation. I was also pleasantly surprised when Minerva addressed Desmond through Ezio. While modern-day wasn’t the focus, it connected these games. Waiting for the next AC game was like waiting for the next season of your favourite TV show. While the 2012 disaster focus seemed a bit overused at the time, it was still very interesting thanks to all the other bits about modern-day Templars and artefacts and ancient civilisations and stuff.

Then AC3 ended and killed off Desmond… And this is where it all went downhill. No longer were you the hero of the series, just same faceless and mute “game developer” at Abstergo Entertainment. Sure, we got to see some familiar faces and a clip of Templars recovering Desmond’s body but it just wasn’t the same. And then in Unity it has been reduced yet again to just a few meaningless cut scenes. I haven’t played Syndicate yet (So please no spoilers yet xD) but I’ve read that present day is just cut scenes again.

What’s the point of any of these games anymore? You’re just some faceless mute gamer who got his helix / animus console hacked by a bunch of crazy people showing him nonsense. Desmond would react to all the crazy things he saw (he used to literally say “What the F*ck”, etc), while this faceless mute gamer just takes it all as it comes?

Why bother pretending that all these pieces of Eden, precursor sites, etc. are so important and at the same time trying your best to sweep it all under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist? Watching some short cut scene and reading some hacked email is not good enough, we need to actively participate in the conflict, as Desmond did. Currently it feels like playing a Prince of Persia game without sand powers. Something just feels missing now.

Of course, I cannot ignore the fact that there are people who do not like and have never liked the present element. While I may have been very pleasantly surprised by AC1, they may have felt deceived. They may have wanted to play a historically accurate stealth-action game, but got some sci-fi cr*p that kept breaking their immersion. While I strongly disagree with this point of view I can empathise.

These is a way to please everyone though. You could simply split the franchise into two series. The simulation (Liberation HD?) and the present. Present fans will finally get to play their modern-day Assassin’s Creed with cars and guns and Abstergo, while simulation-only fans can enjoy their random history stories that may or may not be related to one another.

So, come on Ubisoft. I beg you. Don’t just sweep the present under the rug. Make modern-day matter again, either by letting us ACTIVELY participate in the conflict in between the animus sessions, or spin the present-day part off completely. It’s not unachievable from a technical point of view either. There is a game called Saboteur set in WW2 France, which is literally a mix of AC and GTA gameplay-wise. It’s open world and you can drive anything and climb anything. Just do the same with an AC setting and story and it’ll be perfect. For nostalgia’s sake, you could throw in a few 10-min animus sessions meant to discover some lost information or whatever. It could be like AC2 & AC3 except flipped.

Anyway, I highly doubt that my suggestion to spin modern-day off will ever get fulfilled, even though that’s something I’ve wanted since finishing AC1, I still thought I should mention my admiration for the modern-day gameplay that used-to-be and ask for its return.

Too long, did not read:
Modern-Day is what used to connect these games and made the player feel important. That magic and mystery is gone now and it feels like Ubisoft is trying their best to sweep it all under a rug.
Could we please see the return of modern-day ACTIVE gameplay OR a modern-day based Assassin’s Creed spin-off?

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On an unrelated note, I wish the general forum wasn’t split between PC and Console... :p It just makes it harder for general gameplay suggestions & requests to be discovered. I should have probably posted this in the console section for more views. :rolleyes:

03-11-2017, 04:57 AM
That was extremely well written although it assumes the majority want MD back and I doubt that....

Please be patient while I get the first bit of my chest and out of the way... so you can see how others feel........ but the end might make you a bit happier. :)

"modern-Day is what used to connect these games and made the player feel important" to be honest you should have said ... made some players feel important....

Personally I found the MD a boring and constant interruption to the actual game. Black Flag sailing into a storm with sea washing over the decks, sailors singing, a warship on the horizon and I'm closing for battle... THEN I'm in an office taking a usb drive to a courrier... total destruction of game immersion.. the same with Desmond climbing around in a cave or in an office or in a Brazilian arena... yawn.

Desmond had an almost insignificant amount of game time so I do not even see him as a protagonist, so I fail to understand how some people hate AC because he is no longer involved. The first CIV was getting a bit "Harry Potter-ish" for me... and was escalating so much it had to dwindle away because after Lucy's death then Desmonds Suicide or the planet dies" the next step would have had to have been even crazier... kill your family or the universe will explode. It was like one of those American TV series where each episode there has to be a bigger shock than the week before until it becomes ludicrous to all but die hard fans.

MD is the story line... For me just the background, the setting the unimportant scenery... and it was killing the game.
Personally if Ubi had made the MD optional to skip so people could get back to the game then I would have been very happy.

Now, that I've shown that there are many fans with many views on AC... it shows it is difficult to make a game without upsetting some people... BUT

Now the bit you might like

I don't mind MD making a return because as a die hard AC fan I want ALL AC fans to have something in each game they really enjoy. On several occasions I have suggested that there are ways that MD can be integrated into the game. These are not my ideas I have simply applied things that AC has done before.

I suggested that items (possibly parts of a machine or device) are tracked through history to the MD and then collected to be built. It means that we can go back to visit times and places from previous games and maybe see a cameo from Ezio, Altair, Desmond and others... as we jump through time following the item.Once it's location in the present is known, the MD people race against Abstergo agents to obtain it... (from a museum or private house etc...)

It could be a trilogy or more.. it could even be PvP where people can play as Assassin or templar against other people and set traps or assassinate the other to make them desynch... in the MD we could even raid each others base.

If MD does return, I hope it is in the game and not just the story because as much as you loved the MD in it's original format, I disliked it with just as much passion. (Sorry if that sounded bad but it shows that there are others who do not miss the original MD) If you post this in the console section there are a lot of pc users over there as it is more active.

Too long didn't read...
Not everyone likes or cares about MD.
MD was NOT game play but just story.
MD COULD be integrated into the game.
As much as I truly dislike MD and am tired of reading MD fans thinking they speak for all fans.... I don't mind it returning in a better form.

03-11-2017, 01:52 PM
I don’t think they would have needed to escalate anything after AC3. TBH they were probably trying to cash in on the whole 2012 trend at around the time AC2 came out. Everyone was trying to make money out of it back then. However, AC3 ended that. Desmond saved the world from a global catastrophe that would have destroyed everyone, including assassins and Templars. Templars recognise that “save” if you listen to one of the logs in AC Rogue.

I do recognise people who dislike MD, as I’ve mentioned in my original post, which is why I suggested spinning it off entirely. One series would be about researching the past with little to no interruptions, while another would be the fight in MD. Everyone wins.

Anyway, I personally disagree that MD breaks immersion. Think about it: You are immersed when everything in the game makes sense and fits (fantastical or not). Well how about hiding a hundreds of guns in you magical invisible back back in games? How about loading screens when you enter and exit a building? How about dying and reloading etc? Don’t all these break immersion? You’re playing a realistic game, for the sake of the argument, you die and then you magically come back to life through some divine “restart at checkpoint” spell that some deity cast for you.

Ubisoft is one of few companies that actually tries (from time to time) to increase immersion. In terms of AC and thanks to the animus, all the menus and restarts suddenly make sense. That’s not real life. That’s a simulated world based on extracted genetic memories. If you die, leave the map or whatever you have to restart because you let your imagination loose and the computer no longer has enough data to recreate the world / events. Suddenly this makes sense, but some people say it has the opposite effect for them.

There are other examples. That cell-shaded Prince of Persia reboot. In that game you arguably cannot die. However, when you are near death, you get saved and healed up a bit by your partner, while in the meantime enemies get healed as well. If you just fell off a cliff or something, then you’ll get saved but flown back up a bit further than where you fell off. How is this any different from dying and restarting? In both cases, you restart the fight, or a climbing sequence from the checkpoint. It’s the same, except it removes that immersion-breaking “you’ve died / failed” screen, yet for some reason a lot of people didn’t understand this reasoning either. They said the game’s stupid ‘cause you can’t die.

And it’s not just Ubisoft, there are other smaller examples. Mass Effect 1 had unlimited ammo (not really), which was fully explained in the codex, however once again they were forced to abandon it in ME2 and go back to “ammo” (or rather disposable heat sinks, ‘cause ammo’s still “infinite”).

In Witcher 1, you could only carry as much loot as you could physically fit on the character, meaning: 1 outfit, a lot of alchemy ingredients in your herbal bag, a few potions, and 3 swords and a dagger or something (2 on the back, 2 on each hip). That removed the whole “magical invisible back back” nonsense, but yet again they were forced to go back to the invisible backpack in Witcher 2, to appease others.

It seems every time a developer actually tries to come up with a creative way to INCREASE immersion, people (probably) misunderstand it.

Oh and I'd be perfectly fine with Ubisoft giving people an option to skip Modern Day entirely. That's a good idea and yet another way to please everyone.
In fact just ask the person in the beginning of the game if he/she wants a historical game with no interruptions, or a modern day conflict with a simulated past.
Heck even BioWare is returning OPTIONAL vintage heatsinks in ME Andromeda, for those who preferred ME1s overheating guns with infinite ammo. Options are always great and devs should offer them more often.
I disagree that Animus break immersion, I think it does the opposite.
Every time a developer tries to increase immersion in a creative way, a lot of people end up disliking it.
I have no problem whatsoever with players being able to skip / avoid modern day entirely if they so choose, but PLEASE have it there for those who enjoy it.
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And yeah I did think about posting this in the console section for more views, but then I was afraid Ubisoft would close it for “spamming” or something. Wish there was a “move button” lol.

03-12-2017, 12:57 AM
The game is about Assassins... as a gamer (not a story fan) I want to play Assassins Creed as an Assassin (or Templar) :)
I explained already about breaking the game immersion, you are talking about story immersion and if you cannot see how after 6 hours gaming as a pirate assassin being interrupted to run around an office IS breaking immersion then I cannot explain it to you.

As a gamer I realise that story fans do not understand how frustrating this is to gamers. Which is why you do not see it as immersion breaking... gaming has evolved from games... to games with a plot... to games with a story... but gamers buy games to play... the story was added to give something extra... which is what Ubi does ... they're generous, but never get credit.

Gamers want to game while story fans want more story... I'm glad you mentioned ME... I loved ME2 but after buying ME3 I uninstalled it after 20 minutes because I couldn't skip the beginning cutscenes so I have no idea what the game is like and I don't care... games are about participating not watching cut scenes.

The story is just there to give reasons.... the trouble is that Ubi did such a good job of the cut scenes and story that people are hooked to the point of obsession.
In the console section you will find some real fanatics... and I do mean fanatics who despise anyone who dares NOT like MD... and every game without some decent amount of MD they want to fail and they hate... :(
Anyone who does not worship Ezio and Desmond is a blasphemer :) and could never be a true AC fan. But they're wrong I am an avid fan of AC games just not a big fan of the MD.

There are lots of fan sites... there is a couple that are amazing! and podcasts, comics, animations etc... that are devoted to MD. Check the console section or ask my fellow ubi star player Rino the bouncer he knows some good MD links. (yes I'm a Ubi star player who loves Ubi games but not a fan of MD)

Ubi send out lots of surveys and if MD was being rated by the vast majority it would be back in game in the blink of an eye... but... I wouldn't be surprised if MD came back in the next game. :)

Where we differ is you say realistic game and focus on the word realistic... (no video game is realistic, they are just games and some have elements that add some realism) when I play chess I do not need a story, I do not need to know why the pieces move in certain ways, I just need to know how to play and win... when I play a video game, the game sets the rules so... if we have unlimited lives, weapons or ammo... those are the rules. So they do not break immersion... being in ancient Rome playing as an Assassin then going to a sports arena IS breaking immersion for the game... even if it aids the story :(

Loading screens when we enter or exit a building were made because of hardware limitations... more game loaded into memory... so animations and cut scenes and story were ideal for filling that space rather than a loading bar... but Unity did away with loading screens on buildings. Epic game and I've played over 1000 hours in it (even though I'm not considered a die hard AC fan by some) :)

I think the MD plot got out of hand and maybe a little tongue in cheek but I understand that MD fans feel irritated because it feels as though the story has stopped half way through.

I expect it back soon, I just hope it is in a format that we gamers can enjoy.

Posting your first post from this thread as a new thread in the console section will not be classed as spamming, there are a lot of fun people over there and a lt of people with great debating skills plus a few fanatics :)