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03-09-2017, 10:26 AM
To be truthful I really love this game, but there are some problems of the game that is listed below in my opinion.

Connection Problems / Error Codes constantly (even with all the ports in )
Balance The Hero ( I can spam to win )
Defensive Gameplay Only
Guard Break is too easy to counter

Non-Logical Combat -


Lawbringer - For an explain When you do the Light+Heavy+UnblockHeavy(From the Left or Right) Someone can side step from left or right where the attack comes from and the hit goes right through the person body.... WHAT! Lawbringer is the Sadbringer and I main Lawbringer since launch and got decent at the character, but still, lacks in the idea of momentum. The halberd is around 3-4kg or 8.8 pounds. How does such a light weapon moves so slow? I can understand that full plate would be very heavy, but it's 110 pounds and for a person that wears that armor all the time. You think that weight wouldn't restrain the Lawbringers, but it's the preset animations the developers have made. You are playing an uphill battle when you play the Lawbringers. everyone and their mother can counter you because of your speed and all your attacks can be interrupted.
Lawbringer needs a Complete ReWork.

PeaceKeeper - Bleed was useless when rework was made, but now is way too high after the buff. You shouldn't be able to take away someone hp bar to half from three stabs and why doesn't it drain the endurance you just got stab your not moving around a lot. The light attack needs a little bit slower, and little bit faster heavy attacks, but besides that PeaceKeeper is Fine.

Warden - Alright I can understand one or two shoulder bash cause physically you could do that, but five shoulder bashes spam locking someone till you side step and also attack when bashing with little to no loss of endurance bar. Really, how is that really combat when you couldn't do that without draining all your stamina in real life. Bad Logic combat. Also, the launch attack when you hit your heavy attack outside combat to chase someone down isn't realistic, you can't teleport yourself to someone in life with a sword. Besides Shoulder bash and other things mentioned every other combat animation works.

Conqueror - So he is a turtle with a big mace that blocks and then attacks. So you only need to focus on parrying and guard break and then attack. After every heavy attack, you should shield bash to max torment. That shield bash should be used like warden after two shield bashes you should be staggered, but in doing so should the opponent stagger as well. So it's still useful, just not broken.

The Raider - Fine, no really need to change.

The Berserkers - Fine, no need to really change.

The Warlord - Oh boy, headbutt needs to be fixed. How the feck can you bash your head at someone to stun them over and over. Speed is fine, but after the first headbutt, there should be a wait timer for at least two seconds to regain focus. More combos than just Light+Heavy or + Heavy+Light. Please do s so because it's boring doing the same thing, even with the space+heavy and headbutt it such a small list of combos.

Valkyries - Little bit less speed on lights and no spam knock down till you die makes combat way to boring, besides that she is fine.


Kensei - Is fine no need to change. (Other people input need)

Orochi - Please take away that dam two-step back animation after the parry, just make it normal like the other heros, besides that the Orochi is fine.

Shugoki - No need to change class fit works just fine. (Other people input is need) I see the class is fun and makes combat more interesting. It makes you think how to fight your opponent.

Nobushi - I also like this class, but the stab+kick combo needs some touch. The bleeds need to be drop lower or equal to the peacekeeper. Besides that, I don't see anything else wrong with her.

If I missed anything please put your ideas on the thread. I'll be back to this game, but till then other games await.

All of the employees of Ubisoft that created " For Honor " I'm not bashing the game you made because you made a outstandingly beautiful game with interesting lore and by far the best 3rd combat action game. I just want and hoped the some of the PVP gameplay gets fixed, also among other things needs some work as well. That all I want.

03-09-2017, 11:05 AM
I'm definitely taking a long break from the game. The game is boring now because the modes are really lacking in variety. I got my money's worth for sure but everything about it is stale from the spammable loop moves, the ****ty gearscore matchmaking (tired of doing 1v2, whooping up on one player only for them to ****ing pop revenge....godawful balancing right now), the awful connections that haven't been improved since launch and a host of other issues. I'll be back later but not sure when. Thankfully, I have tons of other games to occupy my time and Mass Effect: Andromeda is out next week. Can't wait.

I think the worst part is is that 99% of Dominion matches are Citadel Gate and The Shard on PC. I'm so ******* sick of those maps and there hasn't been any sort of communication for when we'll actually get some new maps and/or the old ones back in rotation. :/