View Full Version : Suggestion: Gear after match after rep 3

03-07-2017, 05:02 AM
With the whole matchmaking issue, since were gonna be salvaging any blues after rep 3, it would be nice if blues could be dropped for other classes after a certain rep level, or even purples. Would make leveling alts more pleasant since gear score isn't a factor in matchmaking

I wouldn't mind leveling other characters if some of this lvl 12 blue gear could go to them, or even purps that are just gonna be salvaged.
Makes it alot less painful being in equal gear rather then being grey gear on alts trying to massively outplay folk revenge gear 108s and usually getting pubstomped

Again. Scavenger crates should remain the same, but gear after a certain rep would be great if I could slowly gear an alt in blues/purps rather then que up in grey gear vs revenge 108