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03-04-2017, 05:35 PM
Hello everyone, this is my first post on a ubisoft game and I feel that this needs to be brought to attention even though I'm sure it has already. I'm loving the game so far and I cant get enough of it. the only problems I have had so far are usually due to lag outs and getting a bit upset when thrown into a ditch but that's for another post. The problem I want to address right now is the issue with people who are high reputation going into AI Dominion matches and sitting afk the entire game just to get free ex and silver. I usually enter AI Dominion to try out new strategies against the AI or try new characters. the major problem I have with the mode is the amount of rep. 4 or higher players joining these matches to sit around in the spawn and do absolutely nothing. now you might say why does it matter especially since its an AI match and no matter if you win or loose you get the same exp. and silver but when playing its hard to try these new characters when the entire enemy team has no one to fight but me and maybe one other guy. I find that these people don't even need to do this because some of them are already rep. 6 with 108 gear store so it makes no sense to me as to why you would want to do it unless you just want to log hours into the game which aren't real because you weren't playing in the first place. I think there should be an inactivity kick system put in place in all game modes and not just any one, I'm talking like the one in destiny that has motion sensors that can tell if you are doing the same action over and over again. this kind of thing is ruining the game for those who don't want to be competitive in PVP but still want to enjoy the game VS AI. for those who say they have no time to play and leave their xbox on while there going to school or work, its not a good excuse. I'm a collage student myself and have little time to play aside from the weekend for a bit of enjoyment so there is no reason to be doing this. if your so worried about lvl wouldn't you want to play to get there and feel accomplished not just sit around and do nothing for it. when I see people in game afk and their rep. 6 or higher and have 108 gear score, I ask myself why are they doing this when at that point there is no reason to. so yes I feel there should be something done about it like a inactivity kick system to stop this from happening and make the game a lot more fun for all of us who are actually trying to lvl up and not bs our way to the end game. I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from and can support this idea and any of you that read this and do sit afk at rep. 6 or higher please explain why because it makes no sense to me. you could be leveling up another character while actually playing and getting silver.