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03-04-2017, 04:59 PM
You have probably heard this a lot. But Altiar and Ezio was the most interesting of all the assasins so far. The reason for this, is because they fought for something big, the apples, the world, it was quiet interesting and in depht, as if we are contributing to resolve a bigger issue with what is happening, a alternative reality to our reality by creating something that is true (the idea that instincts of animals and humans are passed on from previous generation)

Ubisoft decided to remove Desmond, which I personally think was a really bad idea, I get that a person like Angry Joe did not really like the series, and did not find the story intriguing and that pushed a lot of people to the well known "Angry Joe bandwagon", but to put it simply....Desmond was the main protagonist, he was the connection to the real world, and had feelings that can be related towards a real person who have been trained their whole life. The next series with people who are in Abstergo, with a rather unknown background and a pretty uninteresting reason to even join a "secret group" (to be honest, it was more of a police station, they just asked 1 of the assasins to leave in france, who knew everything about them, as if it was another worker)

A random person on the phone calls the person we play, which sounded more like a prank on TV than an actual recruitement for a secret society, and the protaganist was all like "why the fck not join your random group ive just heard about in the past 10 seconds, yolo right?" all I am saying, is that the whole game got boring because you clearly had to cater a person on youtube, either that or your writers truly have been degraded to persons who watch Twilight on a daily basis.........

All I am saying is, you company will break soon......Half assing it, to get a demographic that depends on 14-17 year old used to work, now companies are booming with amazing games.......Watch dogs 2 was a success tho.......But just so your 13 year old writers understands it....
Get down, or lay down

03-04-2017, 08:02 PM
Ubisoft sends out opinion surveys all the time... I've had several for Ghost Recon, For Honor etc... and although they are not forced to listen to survey feedback it does give views from the buying public.

Every post I have ever seen with a "AC series is bad because no Desmond or not enough modern day" never has an idea of how these could be integrated into the game... and let's be honest the MD in an interruption to the game and as Desmond featured in less than 3% of the game.... Haytham Kenway is far more of a protagonist then Desmond.

All games are Pegi 18 so they are definitely not aimed at a demographic below that age. :)

Insulting a company because they are trying to create games for millions rather than the few thousand still obsessed with Desmond and Ezio will not get them to see things your way.

You're entitled to your opinion but just because YOU say something... doesn't make it so....

As much as I dislike all MD, the 1st Civ and the boring Desmond, who, I couldn't skip to get back into the game.... I do not think they ruined the game ... I do not mind if they make a return provided we move away from story and into gameplay... either integrated or as an end part after the game because, I do not buy games to sit for an hour watching a story in cutscenes.

As for Youtubers who talk about games... 95% are idiots who are desperate for money or fame but do not have any real talent, they get more attention for hate videos than like videos and most of them are paid to say things in a review.... anyone who likes or dislikes a game because of another persons opinion is a sheep. Personally I make my own mind up on what I like.

03-19-2017, 10:32 PM
I wouldn't say it's at the point of being dire, but Unity just about killed the series, not even just because of the bugs, but just a poorly done story, awful engine, awful combat system, etc. I do agree with the OP that killing Desmond at the end of AC3 was a monumental error. The series has lacked a solid present-day story to anchor everything since the end of AC3. Awesome entries like AC4 and AC Rogue did well enough just because their story telling, immersion, world, combat, etc. were all fantastic, but Unity is like an anvil around the neck of the AC Series. Syndicate was a solid entry following up Unity to try to get things moving back in the right direction. I loved Evie in that game, thought she was a well made character to represent what an Assassin should be, but the combat was lackluster and I wasn't a huge fan of the side missions and time period...they just felt a little dull. Hopefully this next game in Egypt will friggin' rock and get things going back in the right direction.