View Full Version : For Honor new execution suggestion.

03-04-2017, 05:37 AM
So, I have had this idea for quite a while. But I have now decided to share it with you guys. This is how it would work. The only classes I think could use this is the Peacemaker and the Beserker. And maybe lawbringer.

Here is what would happen: The Peacemaker/berserker/lawbringer uses their blade to hit the enemies stomach with the enemy having their left side facing you. You then roll over him (Back to back.) When he/she leans over from the blow. And then goes for an under-arm attack with great speed hitting them hard. Getting stuck in their stomach. But using the momentum you got from rolling over him you send him through the air above you. Still attached to the blade and then slams the enemy into the ground.


Yes, this a repost but I just found out there was a suggestion page.