View Full Version : Anyone else noticing inconsistencies in the game's behaviors?

03-03-2017, 11:16 PM
I have been noticing weird behaviors in this game. The more I play it, the more obvious they are. For example, someone will do an attack and will visuall slide 3 feet while doing the attack to it's target. Other things would be tha when I parry, if I GB, I am always in range of the GB, or AM I? Most of the time, parry + GB works fine but for some reason they are these rare occurences where the enemy ends up being too far. For no apparent reason he is suddenly out of range for the GB to reach him. Just because apparently!

On a side note, I am getting GBed in the middle of my combos when chaining with the Lawbringer. This actually happens ALOT some I'm guessing people have caught on to this "bug". I am pretty they are other WTF moments I am forgeting about. Any thoughts?