View Full Version : Connection lost after connection lost is Just KI matches the answer?

03-03-2017, 02:58 PM
Dominion is not playeable right now. In every SINGLE Match i get disconnected despite my Internet is working properly. Its about the 30 game or even more that i was thrown out. That means no experience or Steel even when im almost finished that Match. No assets progression. I would be something about Prestige 4 if there werent these disconnects.
The only stable Games at the moment are against bots the rest you can ignore at the moment because you maybe stay in every 5. oder 6. Match. For a player who doesnt play often and plays just some of his assets in the evening its really annoying and i really like the game but at the moment i cant play ubisoft pls pls pls find a solution for this it would be a shame if I have to leave this game behind just because of such things. And just against bots is not the point of this game I guess. My friends are having the same issues.