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03-03-2017, 02:41 PM
So today I felt like trying out something new character-wise. Iīve played mainly heavies and Lawbringer and felt for a need of change from headbutting people and getting cheap stabs, so I decided to go with Valkyrie (PS4 un-buffed **** version).

So I start from level 1 with 0 gearscore (or whatever you call it...) and try to make my way up to Rep.1 with it while playing Skirmish and Dominion. I donīt have a problem with P2P since I myself have lightfibre-cabel at home and the nerves of a superhuman (I used to work in the military as an instructor ...yup, itīs a ****show), but what drove me nearly to throw my controller through the TV-screen was the amount of BS the matchmaking balance had. 8/10 games were usually against Rep.4-10, 108GS players against people like me (low level and all gear common (grey ...you know, the stuff you automatically discard), with the exception of maybe sometimes one player with rare (blue) gear.

I donīt have as much of a problem with it normally, since like every Valkyrie I will try to knock you down and get a few stabs in. The problem was that while I may get three heavies and a few lightattacks in, the ooponents healthbar is still at 1/3 left and now he has the revenge buff from "Iīm a scrub and canīt defend - Revenge from Injury" stats. Now I donīt want to say that GS should not matterin games, I just want to see the matchmaking balanced. If the guys are in a party of four with everyone rolling 108GS, let them matchmake against players with the respective GS. One player with higher gear does not make a gamechanging difference but as it stands now - well ...you can probably imagine. While I and the rest of my team die from 2-3 heavy hits or a dozen light attacks the soak in damage like a sponge and gain revenge as much as possible.

This is something I hope the people at Ubi will fix as soon as possible. Itīs not fun, itīs not worth playing for (I could not keep count on how many people left the games...) and Iīm sure that you can see from somewhere in the data if itīs an unused hero someone is playing with that it takes time to learn (bots are not the same as people).

You guys here in the community think this is a must have or are you supposed to "git gud" in your 1st game as a new character.

03-03-2017, 02:48 PM
While I don't disagree on any particular point, I think that unfortunately if they did address this that gear scores would fracture the community as much as any exclusive map/hero DLC would.

Honestly I think the building stats for revenge should just go out the window, it's pretty trash factory to be going mano-e-mano with someone and then BOOM out of nowhere they get health boost and extra damage.

03-03-2017, 03:01 PM
Well thatīs true, region and connection comes first. I still find it extremely lackluster to work up a heros level by becoming a ragdoll to someone whoīs just tanking damage because of higher arI know duels donīt have armor specified advantages, but I donīt exactly think that itīs the best start to get familiar with a heroes moveset. I would suggest that revenge would be a once a life (so once you die you can get it back only by respawning, not being revived) thing and only gained by parries and clean combo hits. It would make things more interesting on both sides since it would possibly make the turtleing also bit more punishable and also favor the better player. . but thatīs where I can see a small problem amongst players. Though itīs ridiculous that they matchmaking puts 4 new players against 4 108GS players. I even had one gal who had never played the game before apart from the story on normal (...or thatīs what she said).