View Full Version : End-game freeze.

03-03-2017, 10:34 AM
Hello, just came to drop something on you.

When you make a multiplayer game with bad connexion (thanks P2P), and said bad connexion causes freezes at the end of a game before you're supposed to get rewards, and you dont get said rewards for a completed game, you don't release that game because it is simply not finished.

This is the third time that i have this issue: at the end of a game, before the endscreen appears, the game freezes. there was no problem during the game, none before either, it just freezes with everything still on it and even the sound stops. then i have to actually close it by ALT-F4ing to do anything, and it doesnt count as a finished game: so i dont get the orders i just finished completed, no reward, and have to do it again. When said orders include Skirmish and Dominion, which are the two single most boring and annoying game modes in this game, i find it rather annoying. To be honest, it makes me regret even buying the game, because i didnt pay 60 for a game here: i paid said sum for a badly made beta.

So please fix the game itself before adressing to balance issues (more so when you actually mess up with balance so bad that you make an OK hero into a broken one)

Wishing you a good day.