View Full Version : Practice mode, old Item's as new tags, AI Duel/Brawl awards

03-02-2017, 09:50 PM
I'm sure the old items consistently being flagged as new is already being mentioned. However, going back a couple of pages, I didn't see the Practice mode being addressed.

I would really love it, if the Practice Mode actually allowed you to do the following:

Choose your opponents!!!!!!!
Choose the level of the opponents.
Restrict/choose AI moves list.
Set finite or infinite health (setting lower health would allow individuals to practice executions. not that they're all that difficult, but I'm sure some folks may have problems initially)
Set a damage modifier of the opponent or player, i.e. 100% to 1% damage.

As it is now, for example, the Valkyrie level 2 practice AI is the invincible club guy and I find I'm more successful at killing the level 3 Valkyrie. That club dude constantly kicks my butt. So, I feel Practice Mode should be WAY more customizable. At this point, it's kind of meh and I actually get more out of playing AI in duels. But, that way I just don't get consistent practice, it takes too long to learn moves and to respawn.

That, by the way the "servers unavailable, we've logged your results and you'll be awarded later" message is a load of hogwash. Either be straightforward with the Player vs AI Duel/Brawls and just say "You aren't going to be awarded sh*t because you're only going up against AI." Or, put "Under development. You won't get any awards for now." As it is, it's a bullsh*t message and you know it.

03-02-2017, 11:29 PM
I noticed that horrible practice mode too so I made my own.

Go to make custom match.

Choose 1v1 game mode

Allow bots,

Customize maps, gear, feats, bot levels, rounds to win and time to your liking. Also I've chosen different bot levels and have gotten many different heros to fight so its not like the ****ty practice mode of fighting easy, medium, hard. you can also set it to automatically set bot skill for you and keeps it completely random.

I usually set it to best of 99 rounds at ten minutes per fight for practice. The only ****ty side is if you want to fight a different bot, you have to quit out of the game mode and set up another custom match... They didn't think their design for practice modes very well for a fighting game lol.

03-03-2017, 02:20 AM
Yeah. I was aware of that workaround, but I don't use it pretty much because of the reasons you stated. Plus, you can't edit skill levels at whim, load levels between rounds is too long, load times due to executions, etc.... just a lot of thumb twiddling if you die.

Guess those options will be a part of season pass 2.... xD