View Full Version : Possible secondary bleed attack for Valkyrie

03-02-2017, 05:58 PM
I understand that Valkyrie is not a class focused on bleeding, a playstyle reserved for nobushi, but it feels like the Valkyrie is supposed to have the bleed effect option on the side. This doesn't seem very accessible through the "shoulder pin" as it is a difficult move and not generally used. So i came up with a move for the Valkyrie which I feel would make bleed seem like a more viable option for players. For the player this move would be performed almost exactly like when they do a "shoulder pin," for example in the Valkyrie movelist on PS4, the platform i play on, the move would look like this; [<- or ->,X,R2] i.e. left or right dodge then heavy attack button. In this situation the Valkyrie doesn't dodge-block but just dodges to the left or right and then performs the move. In-game the Valkyrie, after dodging, would spin and swing the pike back around her to the right (regardless of the direction the player dodged) then grab the lower end of the pike with her shield hand and stab the enemy. In the moment of stabbing the Valkyrie would be side on to the enemy with her pike left of her. After she has stabbed the enemy, she pulls the pike back to her right, move her shield hand up the pike and removes it, then retreats back into normal stance, leaving a bleed effect on the enemy. Essentially it would be like the Orochi backwards stab move but with a pike and bleeding. I also think this move could be combo'd with the double swing where the player quickly taps heavy attack just after holding down heavy and light attack. I feel this move fits well with the character as it might promote players to attempt "shoulder pin" and if they don't block, this move provides damage and bleed anyway.