View Full Version : Constant Errors kicking from matches still happening.....

03-02-2017, 01:07 AM
I think it's more rare now than before the patch for me to make it through an entire 4v4 match. Elimination or Dominion, doesn't seem to make a difference, I'll get kicked more than likely.

0006000018 <This one just happened. Very first game I tried to play today. A few minutes into it, I started a fight with a bot, the bot is replaced, game froze for a few seconds, then the error popped up.

UPDATE: Made it through a match, it then kicked my brother, saying he couldn't connect to Ubisoft servers. Did not kick me at that time, but I did watch the NAT go red, then a minute later change to yellow. It seems to be staying yellow. It was always green before this big patch.

UPDATE 2: 10 seconds after the first update posted ^, NAT briefly changed to a connection symbol, then back to red. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, UBISOFT?

UPDATE 3: It changed back to yellow. Can no longer invite or be invited. If I'm invited, my emblem disappears from the top of the screen in the social box, and nothing happens, it doesn't even try to join the person. Same thing happened to my brother when I invited him, his emblem was gone and couldn't join. Game is dead. Nice work.

03-02-2017, 01:58 AM
this.. It actually happens more frequently to me since the patch.

update 2 times in 30 min.

03-02-2017, 02:25 AM
Yeah the patch definitely made things worse, which I didn't think was possible. Kudos Ubi!

It was frustrating AF trying to finish a Dominion game last night, myself and some mates actually gave up in the end.

03-02-2017, 02:31 AM
Another here that cannot finish a 4v4 and spending 15 minutes in a match to be kicked out at the end is a fun game design. I really like how you get no credit for all that effort.

I can duel and Brawl with no issues.

03-02-2017, 02:39 AM
Same get kicked from 6 match in a row ....
I think i go bed ...and hope tomorrow will be better

03-02-2017, 03:17 AM
At this rate I have more chances of winning the lottery than of playing any 4v4 mode. I either get insta error as the match starts or it endures for 0-3 minutes.

Also, ever since the server outage my NAT's been yellow, yet it used to be green.

TBH, my hopes of getting a response from Ubisoft are diminishing as is my overall enjoyment of the game.

03-02-2017, 06:51 AM
I cant play any of the modes on console the best i get is to play Duel against AI, for the rest all it ever does is search and then give me a matchmaking error, the game does not cater for anyone outside of the US or Europe, if you reside in another country your pretty much screwed and have wasted your money, and i have been trying to deal with support who have now ignored my plea for help for the past two weeks going on to three now, who ever DanT is in the ubisoft support center is giving the company a really bad name, because apart from the generic "please check this link" i have gotten no help at all.

03-02-2017, 07:00 AM
Same. Joked at the start of my 4th dominion match that it was going to error out like the previous 3. Apparently the game has a parser that looks for that specific talk and prepares some karma.

Let's go for 5!

03-02-2017, 07:09 AM
Ive just had 4 in a row now... Wouldnt mind as much if it hadnt taken over 1 hour to join those 4 games...:(

Whats the deal with it getting so much worse since beta? The launch was worse than beta, now it seems to have gotten even worse again! They made this bloody awesome game and then just pulled out a gun and started shooting themselves in the feet at the finish line. Dont they like buckets of money, fan adoration and ho0kers or something... OK maybe not the last one, but still, who knows...

If servers are the way to go I wish theyd just do it, and if theyre not for whatever reason, I wish theyd explain why... This is too good a game for it to crash and burn at launch like this.

03-02-2017, 07:10 AM
I got things a little more severe... Even when I decide to play a 1v1 match, my game freezes completely in between rounds in some instances, and when I've played with friends in parties, they tell me that first I disconnect from the party, and then leave the match, leaving a bot in my place.

I would list how many times this has happened to me since the update, seeing how it didn't happen beforehand. But i can't because it has happens too many times to count. It is infuriating because the moment I find a good match, with my friends, my game goes black, and I cant even get an Error Number or anything to report for a fast and easy fix.
I get in games still, but it has become a gamble, and a blessing, when that black screen fades away to show the next round. Please UBI, I love this game, let us all play it correctly.

xXl Plan B lXx
03-02-2017, 02:15 PM
My issue with all the disconnections is that the Champion Points are a static timer. if I complete the game or not they keep counting down. Which basically means that every disconnection has cost me time that I can't recover and Champion Points that will not be able to be used.