View Full Version : Constructive criticism

03-01-2017, 01:56 AM
I love this game as much as anyone.
I'm also very good at this game, better than most.
Yet, I still find myself raging.
Guard breaks.

I know they've said they're reverting it to beta style, but this isn't enough.

To fully fix the guard break, you need to stop it locking on. The guard break range and lock on ability is insane, to the point where you can guard break a rolling enemy. Make it function like all other attacks, as in a chance of missing.

As well as this, I suggest opening the Windows for guard break countering a bit. In the beta as well as know, I find myself guard break countering too early by a millisecond. Surely fast reactions shouldn't be punished?
Surely the counter should work from the instant the other player makes contact? Seems simple enough to me.

Also, let's just accept that the warlord is nonsense. Fast, strong, unbelievably spammy...Just remove him. It's only wimps who play him anyway.