View Full Version : matchmaking in the african continent.

03-01-2017, 01:21 AM
IT DOESN'T WORK, sometimes it takes me hours to find a game and whenever i do it's with the same group of people from africa oh and at night it's literally impossible to get into games, if i want to play for honor i have to wait until one of my european friends get's online and carries me into a couple of games, people here payed for the game too you know more than most actually it's costs me triple what a european or american would pay to buy a game here, OH and people in the middle east the most cancerous players ever can now play on the european servers but not us?? what's up with that????

tunisia is part of the mediterranean we need to be matchmaking with europe FIX THIS!

p.s: please don't bother telling me to contact support or troubleshoot my NAT and internet are fine and i contacted support after 3 hours of waiting for chat to start he told me to reinstall the game.