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03-01-2017, 12:59 AM
First of all, AMAZING GAME! It satisfies my need for hardcore like in Dark Souls, and it has a pretty solid PvP system!

One thing I came to make a topic of discussion about, and hopefully some change, is the World Map in Multiplayer.

From what I understand, the First Round was determined by who managed to conquer the most spaces right before it ended. Though, what's the point in having done anything previous to the round ending? I feel that there should be some additive to having won spaces prior to the last day. While I'm not picking sides here, the Samurai had literally taken to spaces right on top of the Knights, yet nothing happened. Why couldn't there be some kind of fight for that last space be going on?

Also, where are these events? I tend to finish my dailies within a few hours of gameplay, and then there's not much to do after that. This game is centered around the warring factions, and yet there's very little activity.

I love this game, I just don't want the player base to shrink because of super long rounds that are generally pointless for 13 days, other than to ensure you have spaces for the last day. Additionally, events should be coming out at least 2 times a week, which would be 4 times a Round, in my opinion.



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