View Full Version : Is there cheating in this game?

02-28-2017, 10:06 PM
So I was duelling on my Kensei and I came across a Conqueror which, for 2 matches, (the first he won 3-1) was doing nothing else other than block then guardbreak... Literally the entire time... Eventually I grind him down with little hits (he didn't attempt to attack me once!) and I'm 2-0 up in the second match. He then labels me a cheat and that I'm using a magical hack to counter all of his guardbreaks and ragequits. :nonchalance:

Question is are there actual hacks/cheaters in this game as I've come across nothing since launch? I just presume this guy was salty as hell, he's probably used to boring people to death with his tactics or claiming everyone is cheating.