View Full Version : SUGGESTION LIST (War of Factions, Customize, etc.)

02-28-2017, 02:14 PM
1. War of Factions
Current situation
- boring and frustrating system
- only the last two days are important
- the initial phase is insignificant
- bad reward
- all in all the "big" feature is really bad atm
- each map-update/round (all six hours) is counted into the final result
- a conquered area gives your faction 3 points/honor/... whatever
- a conquered base gives your faction 10 (because its really hard but possible)
- the faction with the most points/honor/... whatever (at the end) will win the current round
- reward: 1st 3000 steel | 2nd 2000 steel | 3rd 1000 steel

other suggestions incoming