View Full Version : Need a separate bar for blocks/dodges

02-28-2017, 10:51 AM
At the highest level, when everyone's reactions are optimal, the game can become too passive, relying on abilities that are lightning quick (e.g. PK's zone attack, second light) or ones in which you need to guess (Warden's shoulder bash mix-up). Feinting becomes less useful because no one takes the bait and because blocking or dodging is risk-free, unlike parrying.

This is why I think blocking and dodging/sidestepping should have a separate bar that depletes every times one is performed. It would add another element to the game and make it more exciting. You would be able to feel it if someones was on the defensive, and it would also make characters like LB more viable at the highest level without giving him some fast attack he could spam, for instance.

The truth is that people are just programming scripts that auto block and gb in this game. Is this all you need to be able to be unstoppable? Having a separate bar for blocks/dodges would add a layer and cause more mind games that scripts would struggle with.

At some point you should have to attack, parry, or deflect if you're under pressure.