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02-28-2017, 02:30 AM
Dear Ubisoft,

I have been playing your game For Honor for about a week. I love it but it has some serious issues. The network connection is terrible. I played a few games in Dominion. When my team was about to win, i got disconnected and all my rewards are gone. The match making took me almost half an hour to get in game even its status was "High Activities" and my status was "Green NAT", then i got in the lobby and immediately got disconnected. Another issue that really bothers me happens to be the AI opponents. They are extremely challenging to deal with. One AI can match 3 players, literally win many 1v3 fights. In Brawl, the AI(s) are GODS. Almost everything they do is "The Art of Perfection". Playing PvP n Brawl and my opponents got disconnected and got replaced by 2 Bots. Their chance for winning is like 70% already.
Those are two issues i am dealing with in For Honor. The elite Bots are savage but they actually encourage me to Git Gud. Only the network connection needs some improvements. How can an online game be fun to play if players cannot face each other till the end?

I wish you many more successes.
Ynot. :cool: