View Full Version : Something needs to be done.

02-28-2017, 01:09 AM
This p2p system is ruining your game Ubisoft. This system you decided to set up only set this game up for failure in terms of play ability. You need to invest in some serious servers or come up with a new system all together because all we have is latency and ping issues which are causing hits to not register correctly, blocks to not register and also causing people to be disconnected from games when someone else leaves or disconnects themselves. Which makes it almost pointless to play because you could be winning matches and just lose everything you just did in that match.
Ubisoft. Fix this. Please. I wanted to enjoy this game. My most anticipated multiplayer game this year and I'm being let down by you guys again. Until this issue is resolved, I can't be asked to buy another one of your products. Which I've purchased and played since Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. As a long time supporter of your company it sucks to feel burned because you make such poor development choices for your games.