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02-27-2017, 03:23 PM
The open beta in wildlands was greatest experience of my previous gameplay, but I am planning to be the division. So the features of wildlands I great and all but is the division has greater features than wildlands?

02-27-2017, 03:39 PM
To me both are great but the style of play is different not to mention the "World". We just love the look of the Division along with the commerce and collecting part. However as you progress seems like certain areas require a higher rank and help. Hard to say now what GR will hold.

To us a lot of the GR parts have Far Cry 4 similarities which is good. The one difference between Division and GR is the Rebel/Local help and missions. Somewhat like FC4 but far more important and varied. The openness of GR is going to be just mind-boggling with the full game ; even bigger than FC4. Heck...the map of The Division can sit inside the area of the Beta....Plus you have lots of transportation toys at your disposal; boats, copters, planes, Farm Tractors, fancy cars, pickup trucks, big trucks and my favorite...motorcycles at night.

And as to the options in load out screen....there are parts of COD like the different parts you can upgrade on the weapons which is useful and fun but hands down the most vast when it comes to clothes & camo. But the collecting and commerce part of The Division is better and solid...even better than Destiny. But that part fits the game with the style of the game...

03-03-2017, 09:02 AM
The open beta in wildlands was greatest experience of my previous gameplay, but I am planning to be the division. So the features of wildlands I great and all but is the division has greater features than wildlands?

From my experience with both (Wildlands is based on ~20 hours in the open beta) I feel that Wildlands is the better game of the two. The Division is okay, but it's more a co-op game and not much fun to play solo. The world seems far smaller and more repetitive from my experience. Both have a similar feel in terms of the third-person stuff and the cover system is currently better in The Division, but overall I much prefer Wildlands myself. Once Wildlands starts getting patched and DLC is released for it, I doubt that I'll be going back to The Division.

Just my thoughts.

03-03-2017, 05:56 PM
I've enjoyed the Wildlands beta a lot more than the Division. The Division is just grinding over and over again with no variety to how you complete a mission. Just go in and empty 1000 rounds into someone, grab your gear and move on. Not what I expected out of it. Reference their E3 intro video on The Division below. Their intro video shows it being a lot more tactical than what they delivered and where is that drone? Looks like they left all that out and saved it for Wildlands if you ask me. I've uninstalled The Division after the most recent update. Disappointing to have bought the game for the open world co-op scenarios pitched at E3 but have had virtually no expansion to the story since. Even the world map on their E3 intro looks three times larger than the actual game. Seems The Division ended up catering to a hybrid PVP game which not many were asking for and itself is hit and miss in how it works. Game got old fast. Go with Wildlands. You'll probably enjoy it more.


03-03-2017, 10:46 PM
Wildlands and Divison. Division is No where near as good. ok if you like bang bang shoot yum up close quarter killing. The younger players seem to like that stuff. but its so boring. ive been playing for 20 years and Wildlands is bye Far the Best Game ever made. I predownloaded it and will be playing in 4 days. i played both the closed Beta & The Open Beta. The Open Ran Great On My P.c.

03-07-2017, 01:28 PM
the Division and Wildlands have one major same Issue. the world does not interact like they promised. even dont affect and Interact to your Decisions how to complete a mission!! they marked it in their game description on homepages and Amazon descriptions but nothing of these Promises are implemented in the full game. no interactions with civilians and even no interactions and affects from other Factions environments. ok die Santa blanca and UNIDAD shoot at eachother if one bullet is shot but thats it. the world is not so Breathing like it should be if we could go into the Descriptions