View Full Version : Cool downs on some attacks.

02-27-2017, 09:31 AM
I have a very fun time playing this game. I enjoy it and want to put alot of time into it because it's so much fun. But at the same time some mechanics in this game absolutely make me want to destroy the game here at 3 mechanics and the classes that use them that should be put on a cooldown system in my opinion.

1) the warden with his shoulder Bash I have been in so many fights 1v1 or Dominion where I get into a fight with the warden and that's all they do and for me it is so difficult two defend against considering I play one of the heavier classes now i know that not everyone uses a heavy class and I don't doubt that the assassin class might be a lot easier to defend/deal with. but not everybody plays an assassin class and not everybody has the means of dodging is easily so when you get stuck in that infinite combo that for the most part will kill you depending on how much health do you have and how well they do it. I believe that you put on the cool down so you can't just Spam that attack over and over and over again until the other person is dead.

2) the Conqueror with his shield Bash I do not think that you should be sble to do this in the game at all it is absolutely worse than the f****** warden's in my opinion especially in Dominion when they have Revenge mode and they just keep on knocking you down over and over and over again to get back up to get a hit with a heavy to get knocked back down to get back up to get a hit with a heavy and do that for the entire duration of the Revenge. its isnot something that should be apart of this game. It is not something that new players should have to fight against while trying to learn the game. It to like the Wardens should udisoft should put on a cool down system so that you just can't spam it a hundred percent of the time. I have fought many conquerors and 90% of them just use that strategy.

3) the lawbringer with his " the long arm", my main character is the lawbringer. And I still believe that this should be put on a cool down as well I try not to use it and spam it like I've seen some lawbringer's. But when it happens to you it seems like a very cheap and unfortunate way to die. Now if you're going a 1v1 situation it's not that bad because it doesn't do any damage all it does is take away your stamina which is fine but when you're in the Dominion situation and you're fighting somebody and it might be more than one person and a lawbringer comes out whIle you are in Revenge mode or just while you're fighting and spam that move over and over and over again so you can't swing you can't attack and you just keep on getting hit it should also be put on a cool down so this can't happen. It makes the experience Less Fun

Now I absolutely love this game and I also don't claim to be a Master that knows everything about the game. but what I do know is some things in this game need to be changed to keep this game alive these are my specific things that I would like to see change to give the game and longer life. And for new players coming into this game that have to deal with that and don't know how or what to do will makes it very frustrating and difficult. It makes you want to quit the game. Now like I said I absolutely love this game. I'm not saying take away the move entirely or make it so it's unusable because you can still use the shield Bash, shoulder Bash and the long arm in battle without them being cheap or unfair to the person it is being used against. I really want this game to have a long-lasting life I've been waiting for it since I saw the first trailer so many years ago and while I enjoy it this game these things need to be changed.

ps. Get some dedicated service please ❤