View Full Version : Cannont finish orders keep getting d/c by salt players

02-27-2017, 12:58 AM
This is insane, four matches in a row to finish daily orders. All you need to do is get three executions in elimination and salty players leave!! and the game just CRASHES!!!!! All i want to do is finish my daily orders but literally CAN'T because of this terrible P2P method. I have NEVER in any online game experienced this many disconnection problems consistently, IN ANY GAME EVER!!!! and i have been gaming for over 15 years. Its not just peoples connections. PEOPLE LEAVE!! and then it crashes creating a domino effect and people start dropping like flies. At least making leaving the game not an OPTION so salty players cant just crash the game. Has Ubisoft made any comment about fixing or changing this? literally every comment about the game is "love the game but servers are terrible" Not Recommended" open your eyes!! RAWWWRRR RANT....!!!!