View Full Version : Interface and Optimization Suggestions

02-26-2017, 06:28 PM
1 - The friend invite is clunky. If the UPlay interface appears to notify you of an invite, make it so the accept button isn't hidden behind Shift+F2.

2 - Having groups disband when not enough players are found to launch a game is annoying, and a waste of everyone's time.

3 - Have a dedicated server, pls. Having 4 people quit a dominion, and the constant, incessant resync, rubber-banding and interruptions is beyond unacceptable for a premium game service.

4 - Please separate Elimination from Skirmish. Having a quest that requires one of them and constantly being forced on the other is very annoying.

5 - Reduce the top guard window for guard mode mouse movement. Too many times switching from side to side makes the guard swipe up. Up should be only entered when it is a deliberate movement.