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02-25-2017, 11:46 PM
Good day, all! I've been around the block a few times, and I've decided to gather together a bunch of derogatory terms for each faction! Things that I've heard on the internet, as well as in person. Feel free to come up with nicknames/slurs for each faction and each hero!

The ones I know for sure are "Tin Cans" for the Knights, "Savages/Axe-Chuckers/Neckbeards" for the Vikings, and.... ugh, of course "Weebs" for the Samurai.

The ones that I'm thinking of coming up wth are "Roaches" for Orochis, "Flag-Backs" for Kenseis, and... that's it.

Anyone got ideas?

i K33L n0085
02-25-2017, 11:52 PM
Savage isn't really an insult to me, it sounds badass.

02-25-2017, 11:56 PM
Savage isn't really an insult to me, it sounds badass.

That's because of modern, fratboy idiocy.

02-26-2017, 12:24 AM
Orochi / Kensei = Naruto wannabe / case of authism

Shogoki = fken f4t4ss / shrek's son / hyperarmor tryhard

Berserker = the blawgawgragwrgawr (Is pretty much all he says when be fights) / the axes midget

Raider = steroids addict / WWE fankid

Nobushi = cancer with a stick / no pubes

Peacekeeper = cancer with dual dĦldos / shĦitkeeper

Warlord/Conqueror = free hits tryhard / human orc

02-26-2017, 12:34 AM
Knights = LARPers

Vikings = Neckbeards

Samurai =Awkwardly crusty anime body pillows.

02-26-2017, 12:42 AM
Well I usually call Nobushi "that old japanese C U next tuesday" Because let's face it, there is a 90 year old wrinkly face behind that mask.