View Full Version : We need a balance patch, many abilities not worth using!

02-25-2017, 09:06 PM
Almost every class while they may have 8+ abilities in their arsenal of attacks, should ONLY ever use half of those abilities or less when considering going on the offensive.

Warlords mainly spam headbutt and light attack, why use anything else when it might leave you heavily punished?

Conqs are basically in the same boat as Warlords, why do something else that will probably get you punished?

Orochi has top lights and zone attack, use anything else offensively and you're way more susceptible to being punished.

Raider, Kensei, Lawbringer, Berserker vs someone turtling are like, "Can you please let me confirm a combo?"

We all know valks are in a pretty poor state but hey you're doing something for them and I'm happy about that!

Hopefully someday soon we'll see every single class in this game have a kit of abilities that mesh together as well as a Warden's for example. I'd like to be able to play every class and feel like all the tools they were given are useful instead of most being gimmicks.

02-25-2017, 09:24 PM
I actually agree with this. Warden literally only has their vortex and nothing else it feels when I've played them. I mainly play warlord and theres not much to it due to how heavily people turtle, the headbutts the only option for initiation in the meta where everyone defends out of fear of being parried. Headbutt + the light poke is the only option to coax people into attacking in order to get ones own parries off since its the only safe option.

Something needs to be done about the level of punishment parries provide, it should STILL punish, but SHOULDN'T be so bad the only options people have is unblockable cheese. Un-parryable initiation needs to be implemented across all forms imho.