View Full Version : CitizenKing's Super Fancy Tier List

02-25-2017, 05:15 PM
S-tier - Warden, Peacekeeper

Warden: With a shove/grab vortex that can chain somebody through most of their lifebar, a glitchy zone attack indicator that misleads you as it throws out a nearly instantaneous attack, and a top parry that can chunk your lifebar right into the previously mentioned vortex, and no inherent compromise to give it such an amazing kit, Warden is currently at the top of the pack.

Peacekeeper: Light attack, light attack, light attack, light attack, light attack. Considered to be one of the hardest classes to fight, even with the bleed bug stacking the odds against it, Peacekeeper barely trails behind Warden as the second among the S-Class heroes. Once its bleed is fixed, it may usurp Warden.

A-tier - Shugoki, Nobushi, Orochi

Shugoki: Super armor, the ability to knock somebody across the level, the ability to knock somebody into a wall and either chunk off a fifth of their health or even instantly kill them, and an unblockable with a delayed parry timer. All these things give the Shugoki the ability to win trades, overwhelm the cautious, and punish the overzealous. Top of the A list.

Nobushi: The Nobushi is solidly built and lacks any real defining weakness. While frustrating to fight due to the combination of her speed and the range on her attacks, she doesn't really have much in the way of "cheese" like a Warden vortex or an instant kill, but if she manages to land her avoidable full grab->heavy->kick->bleed on you, it'll take off half of your life. The A-tier of A-tier.

Orochi: Much like the Nobushi, the Orochi is just solidly built and lacks any real apparent weakness. A top light that chains into a second unblockable attack, the ability to parry into a guardbreak and land a guaranteed heavy that hits like a truck, reflex guarding so they don't know where you're coming from until you're actually attacking, and a glitched zone attack indicator on a nearly instantaneous attack just make for an extremely solid and uncompromising kit. Storm Rush could be better, considering its a projected attack that pretty much always gets parried, but if used correctly can solidly punish somebody who whifs a heavy.

B-tier - Warlord, Kensei, Valkyrie

Warlord: Almost A-tier, but not quite. Solidly built but lacking in a reliable method of offense due to its slow attack speed and fairly easy to side-step charge. Its best methods of attack are fairly easily parried once they're learned, so their super armor loses its credibility. Despite these weaknesses, the Warlord is absolutely the king of certain levels where he can easily chuck you off a cliff. His weaknesses are his lack of glaring strengths, which puts him at the top of the B-tier.

Kensei- Kensei is one of those classes that you can't really ever get pissed at when they beat you. Its kit isn't inherently bad, but nothing really stands out. Most of its unblockables are easy to dodge/parry and punished in the process. It can punish a parry with a heavy attack, but the heavy attack it punishes with does middling damage for a heavy. Its only huge strength is that its top light and the subsequent light are pretty fast, but otherwise its pretty much up to the player's skill to win at this point. Middle of the pack in B-tier.

Valkyrie - Due for a buff that will likely push it into A-tier, or even S-tier, Valkyrie has fast attacks, a solid shove, a knockdown into heavy combo, and fast attacks. The only problem is that those fast attacks barely even tickle while making up the majority of its arsenal.

C-tier - Lawbringer, Raider

Lawbringer - A counter class that lacks a real follow up for countering. Many of its attacks are too slow to actually be chained reliably out of its parries and shoves, and its only real strength comes from getting some unfortunate soul in a corner and shove-grab-throwing them into the walls until they lose all their stamina so you can actually land a hit or two. A decent player can still do really well with a Lawbringer, but put an S-tier or A-tier character in their hands and they'll do significantly better. Also its slow block speeds are a ridiculous hindrance.

Raider-In a game where most top tier play is about parrying and countering, Raider's kit is all about chaining easily parried attacks. At lower levels before players are used to the act of parrying, a Raider's chained heavy attacks can catch people off guard and do some serious damage, but the moment you come up against an opponent who knows how to parry you, you're stuck using light attacks that do insignificant damage and pretty much have to gimp yourself to avoid the parry into guardbreak that's going to do a significant bit of damage to your health. Bottom of C-tier.

D-tier - Conqueror, Berserker
Conqueror, Berserker- Block light, free grab. 'nuff said.