View Full Version : Leveling progression, Pay to win and burning out on the inevitable grind

02-24-2017, 01:14 PM
Okay, so i think at this point most of us have had this situation, or something similar at least once:
you are playing elimination, some dude joins with really high prestige and a gear level above 100.
and then this person absolutely ****s on everyone in the entire enemy team just by standing around, waiting for about 3 hits, getting revenge mode and killing EVERYONE in about 2 heavy strikes.
and it is basically impossible to really get this far on a normal playing schedule. i mean, people are 60, 70 hours into the game and are what? prestige 4 on a single char?
combine this with the terrible connection issues and you render every mode apart from duel/brawl completely pointless.
it simply takes ages to be competative with people like these if you dont want to throw even more money at the game than the price of a full release game...
you basically play the same character over and over for hours before you can even get serious gear with it. and i was kinda okay with it for the first two characters that i got to prestige levels, but now at the third one it just feels like such an insane drag that i am kinda burned out on it.

what could be done about this?
faster leveling? compressing prestige levels?
i feel like the try to make microtransactions more appealing completely ****ed over the mid to late game for characters except in duel/brawl.

02-24-2017, 01:20 PM
i'm 89 hours in. My account is prestige 6 (split in 4 characters) so no. No need to P2W or cheat to be high prestige win high level gear.

Thus, you may throw 100 dollars in the game it won't make you more competitive if you ain't prestige 3 or 4... So again no.

I'ld understand you blame the matchmaking for making you fight vs such people but everythin' else's legit.

02-24-2017, 01:29 PM
I'ld understand you blame the matchmaking for making you fight vs such people but everythin' else's legit.

A question to all the people complaining about matchmaking because the enemy gear is higher level:

What is the matchmaking supposed to do? You are matched BEFORE you even pick a hero.
How is the matchmaking supposed to know what level & gear you have before you are in the game.
They would need to change it to you picking a champion before you queue up.

Should it match you by account Prestige? Well if I have 4 heroes at Prestige 3 with full gear while you have all 12 heroes on Prestige 1 I still have better gear on my 4 heroes.

So all the matchmaking can do (without changing hero select) is match by a skill rating.
(don't know how that works in the background so I won't comment whether it is good or bad)