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It looks like this is a live and in person tournament of 2 vs 2 in China...very interesting.

Many countries have registered and are beginning to create teams, but no one has registered the US and there are no US pilots listed that I could see. I think that whoever registers the country is the team captain so to speak and will be responsible for making sure the US team physically gets to China and all that.

Here are some of the details...

ICAS Match Direction and Application Method
As the first international cyber air sports match, Wuhan . Optics Valley of China Cyber Air Sports (ICAS for short) has been authorized and encouraged by China Aviation Center and Wuhan Government. All the cyber air sports fans in the world are welcome to take part in ICAS, promoting the development of cyber air sports in the world together!
Since the cyber air sports is a new item, in order to ensure that every player in each country arrives at Wuhan, China, ICAS Organizing Committee (ICASOC for short) supplies some special subsidy for each national team, please see the ICAS Subsidy Method for details. For the same reason, ICASOC has to control the budget. ICAS plans to invite 12 national teams including China to Wuhan, China. ICASOC decided to affirm each national team's qualification according to their application order.

ICASOC decided to recruit the liaison volunteer in each country. Every applicant, person or organ engages to promote the development of the international cyber air sports can apply to be the liaison volunteer. The liaisons take charge of keeping touch with ICASOC, organizing their domestic tryout and harmonizing their national team members according to the match rules offered by ICASOC. To be an ICAS liaison, you must have these qualifications as follows:

1. Be familiar with the software IL2 STURMOVIK-FORGOTTEN BATTLES and joins the online flight frequently;
2. After apply for ICAS, submit the application for liaison volunteer successfully;
3. Be able to write in English and speak in English with common words;
4. Have abundant leisure time, can organize your national team members' tryout and select the fine players impersonally and equitably to buildup your national team.

ICASOC will firstly ensure the application of the countries which have successfully registered the liaisons or have draught the players by the sponsors in their countries. If there are 2 or more than 2 applicants apply for the liaisons, ICASOC will discuss with them and select 2 members to be the ICAS liaisons in their country.

The main item of ICAS is 2 vs 2 air combat. However, since there was no formal tryout for cyber air sports players ever in each country, the liaisons in each country are suggested to arrange the tryout according to the application in their country or referring to the match rules offered by ICASOC. Each liaison should harmonize with the members in their country, ensure their national team members list within the limited time and put it to ICASOC. We'll assist the 2 national team members by the passports and international air tickets so that they can arrive at China and take part in the final on time.

The internet tryout suggested by ICASOC consists 2 periods as follows:

1. Domestic personal order: 1 vs 1 combat with ICAS official mission.
ICASOC will group the applicants with certain software system according to the application in each country. The round robins carried among the groups will engender the domestic personal order.
2. 2 vs 2: The first 8 players in the domestic personal order buildup 4 squadrons according to their order and take the round robin. The couple who win the round robin will join the ICAS live final match represents their country.

Notice for the applicants:
You must?-
1. Be over 18 years old and have your ID card in your country;
2. Be able to arrive at Wuhan, China during Mar. 25-29, 2004;
3. Have the abilities of taking part in cyber air sports, including PC, sim-flying device and stable internet connection;
4. Have a multi-earphone and have installed the voice communication software TEAM SPEAK 2. If you haven't installed it, please click here to download;
5. Have the official version of IL2 STURMOVIK-FORGOTTEN BATTLES and be able to take off and land with full realities, be familiar with basic aerobatics, have taken the cyber air combat training and joined the internet air sports;
6. Enter the TEAM SPEAK 2 voice channel appointed by ICASOC for internet flying test before the formal match;
7. Be able to arrange your leisure time for attending the ICAS internet tryout on schedule;
8. Obey the match rules and the judgment.
9. Submit the application details accurately and truly. There's only one chance for your application.

If you have any question, please leave your words in ICAS official forum, which will be replied at length.

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