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02-22-2017, 10:12 PM
A look in For Honor for competitive play

I think the best game mode would be Dominion.

Dominion – This is the best game type for Competitive play. It offers more variety of plays to make with a broader use of characters and team effort. Allowing for a more varied meta. There are no power ups but players can regain health by retreating to a nearby captured objective. It provides enough time for players to adjust to a situations with time and coordination so. I would leave it to the organizers to choose if feats and gear can be used. In my opinion gear should not be allowed and if a maybe some/all feats if found to be OP can just be banned. The reason gear should be banned is to make things easier for the organizers if players are using the same consoles. Having to install each players account would be time consuming.

1v1 and 2v2– Even though these can have a decent competitive scene you would have to get used to seeing the same characters being used over and over. Why? If you are well versed in how fighting games work. The meta will always circulate around a small group of characters. Yes, a special snowflake will often show up from time to time but still, the meta stays small. And no amount of patching or updates can change that. Even if new characters to play are provided. The high meta always rotates on small groups. This makes for repetitive play which gets boring fast.

Elimination/ Skirmish.
These gametypes I believe to not be competitive at all. Why? The power ups. I can see these games become a battle of who gets the power ups. Specially the ALL FEATS UNLOCKED power up. If the power ups were to be removed the game type could have a more balanced play. I’ve wiped a whole team out with a ALL FEATS UNLOCKED power up twice in the same game. Having the chance of granting a single player to wipe at least 3 opponents with easy seems like a mayor fun killer.

02-23-2017, 01:07 AM
Would be cool to create a linear system for Dominion in a competitive setting,just like lanes for a moba:1 hero of each team fighting on each point and the last 2 pushing the mid path.If they do this,and remove gear/feats,then I can see a motivation to play the mode.Otherwise,I'll stick with duels,personal skill is what matters to me,not teamwork or fancy tactics.