View Full Version : Dodging is too rewarding

02-22-2017, 03:08 AM
the game in general is very rewarding for playing defensive. You get rewarded much more for being defense then being aggressive. You even get punished less for being defensive

With that said, I'm quite fine wit that.While there is a disparity, it's not really seen at all level except. To me, it's really notice when someone is playing very defensive. The ability to parry and dodge nearly all attacks makes a good case for my arguement.

Why attack? Honestly, you attack, you can possibly get parties, losing nearly all your stamina, leaving you open to a guaranteed Guard break. Worse, some classes like Nabo, or PK, can link a Guardbreak heavy attack with an guaranteed light.

I feel like this is why Guardbreaking spamming attempts are so popular among some players. You don't lose stamina and in most cases, you just get pushed back. It's also highly rewarding since it can guarantee with most classes a free heavy attack, and in best cases a kill.

The only saving grace for attacking is feints. A good executed feint is well rewarded, unfortunately, not something every class can do. More importantly, they are quite risky, costly, and hard to execute.

My suggestion is that defensive moves needs to cost stamina.
-If you are parry or block an attack, it should cost a fraction (25%) of the stamina that the attack cost.
-Dodging or spamming dodge should also cost some stamina.
Guard breaking should also cost some stamina
-Combos should not be when the first attack is blocks but the second. This would work in conjunction with stamina costs when blocking and parties