View Full Version : Few things that grinds my gear 3_3

02-22-2017, 02:16 AM
Ok so where do i start , lets see first of all...

Counter guard break - well i can see many people going "git gud" comment incoming but still i want to voice my opinion. So i actually understand the git gud commenters point that counter guard break is possible and can be done if you do it on right timing(which is when it make that *THUD* sound when the opponent animation touches you) but in my opinion it will be much better if it can be reacted by visual reaction(shield icon) then the sound reaction(THUD noise). I know you guys will also say go practice a tons and i did and maybe many people did too but it is still hard as f**k no wonder there are tons of thread about that topic(although props to all those people i meet who can can counter all my grabs without even one slight fail, trust me those people exist and has amazing great hearing reaction). In conclusion people who can grab and counter break will win most of the time if they face against people who can grab but cannot counter break.

Dodges(Sidestep and back step) - So in tutorial it shows you that you can dodge attacks with side steps or back steps(except zone attack not sure if it can be dodged with side step). Lets start with sIde steps, i have been on many situation where you still get hit even though your side step reaction were faster than the enemy like WDF thats not how that works right? you get hit even though you dodge it >.> ok!. Back step though >.> oh god i can understand if you get hit when you do side step as you are close to the enemy but getting hit when you do back step and enemy didn't even bother to dash or move forward HOW? i call that total BS.

Auto Tracking - So i know that L2(ps4) is for targeting your enemy and should not be for any other tracking action but nope, so i was fighting with Kensei earlier and you guys should probably know his 3 combo with last one being unblock-able right? so back to the story so i am fighting with him then he does his 2 hits and i know his third one was gonna be that unblock-able top side attack so i did a side step and was in relief but no what do i see f**king Kensei changing direction on air and hitting me with that attack......................REALLY?. I also think warlord has tracking head butt attack but am not 100% sure about that.

Warlord Push - What can i even say the f**king push of doom which is f**cking great that every map has an environmental traps, bias data but 90% of warlord i faced either its 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 they all love to push and no battle, like FFS either make his push only go forward only but NO NO NO they can change direction of where you will be pushed and die without even a fight. Also sometime you will see scums who will run at edge of the map at start of the game and you cant do sh*t if they grab you cause you know whats coming next----> down the ground with SPARTAAAAAA style. Imo he should only be able to push forward where he is facing forward and should not be able to change direction of push as his push is already op cause after the push you also stumble bit far.

Grab - So grab on this game = 1 free hit right quite serious , so you guys should know you can also dodge grab by back step or side step(since am sh*t at counter guard break) but f**king explain this how can an enemy grab you when you side step or back step? is it the work of L2(ps4) enemy tracking or does the game character model has some flexible hands which can twist and turn and grab you like WDF this is same as the top topic when you get hit while doing side step and back step(and trust me you might say the they turned to your direction or dash forward but nope they didn't this isn't one time occurrence it has happened to me many times already).

Interrupt - Not 100% sure about this one if it's meant to be what it suppose to be in game but do you guys waver?flicker?(not sure of the word but you kinda loop back and forth like your dodge is getting cancelled every time loop) while trying to do side step or back step when enemy keeps hitting you like berserker rolling infinite combo and you cant escape and keep waver? flicker? tying to dodge until your like is gone >.>

So anyway these are the things that kinda makes me go Uhhhhhhh HOW? WDF? RAGE!!!! but either way so far am liking For Honor with new combat concept of multiplayer. Let me know If you guys are also facing some of this problem or maybe its just me only :D