View Full Version : Things I found surprising in "Upcoming Gameplay Improvements"

02-20-2017, 06:54 AM
I play a Valkyrie so I am happy to see the buffs coming my way :D. I think they are necessary.

I've played quite a lot, almost prestige 6 Valk, and there are very few Valkyries playing right now. I rarely see Valkyrie in match-ups. But they are getting buffed so maybe I will see more. I also rarely see Raider in Match-ups. No buffs inc! Raider needs to love, and he just didn't get it this patch. I feel that Ubi should try to monitor how many players are playing what character and how well they do (Bell Curve wise). No one plays this class, because he sucks, like Valk.

Additionally A lot of issue with Orochi on the forums. A lot of polls list this character as OP based on community input. His light attacks are fast and I believe they hit more than my heavy attacks do with 108 gear score probably built the same way. Just surprised that no tuning of this class was introduced, no matter how minimal.

I am also surprised about the guardbreak counter fix getting pushed back till this patch releases. I thought that bug broke the game on its core and was left in for the opening weekend.

The most amazing surprise is they don't list any stability improvements. Obviously they aren't getting rid of P2P. They have not mentioned fixing issues where matchmaking kicks out your party members when joining a room. They have not mentioned fixing how the game sometime freezes when leaving a match. They have not announced any matchmaking changes. No quality of life changes :eek:!