View Full Version : Few tips for starting players.

02-19-2017, 07:33 AM
Just a few things I found during the Open Beta/Launch that I found useful or wish I had known sooner!

1. Don't buy any Packs (Scavenge Gear ) until Reputation 1 (Prestige/whatever you want call it).
I personally have never got a blue armor to drop before hand but as soon as I hit R1, no matter the upgrade level of the gear I had on, I always got 2 blues for the Gaurenteed High Peices.

2. You can play a character without buying it.
So I'd your unsure if u want to spend the 500s on a different class, you can try it out, just can't make any build/armor/visual changes though!

3. Practice Parry'ING and learn to play defense and offense, not just one or the other.
- Parry is your best friend, it can save you from unblock able attacks as well as many other uses!
-Most new player I see either literally never even try to block my attacks, or never try to attack back, don't play too careful!

4. Goes with 1 above. There's really no point (In my opinion) to upgrade the Grey gear you get unless it's the Stat roll you want and your gonna use it til level 20/Rep 1, because no matter how high you upgrade it in my experience you wont get a blue drop until Rep one, and most of those weapons/armor will be scrapped at some point.

-if anyone has something to add, just let me know and I'll post it if I think it fits!

-- This is not a guide or walkthrough, just helpful side info and opinions that I found personally helpful!

02-19-2017, 08:57 AM
"Get a bucket for you tears - you are going to need it."

Would be my advice. Training to parry, block fast enough and counter attack, dodge and counter gb are slow, painful and frustrating processes