View Full Version : Story Mode biased towards Samurai ... some spoilers warning!

02-18-2017, 10:50 AM
So I just finished the grueling task of trudging through the story mode ... ugh ... maybe I should start from the beginning.

I soooo want to love this game. I have been drooling about it for like over a year? Anyway played the Alpha, Closed Beta and the Open Beta. They had issues, but were really fun in the end. I did, in my opinion, and is shared by thousands of others, think that the characters were slanted toward the Samurai being OP compared to the other factions, but I over came the imbalance with patients and skill.

Then the actual game launch and well it had its issues for sure ... OP BOTS in Elimination matches for some reason, but regular ones everywhere else? Seriously in Elimination they swarm you like infected in 28 days later, hyper rage aggressive. I have avoided elimination like the plague ever since. Nice job DEVs ... NOT!!!! Then in Dominion there were the BOTS we all new from the previous versions of the game ... what is that all about? Why the huge difference?

Anyway I wanted to complete the story so I set out exited to do so. Played through the first few knight missions they were disappointing at best. I love the knights. I am a fan of all 3 warrior types, love the mythology and history of all three ancient warrior cultures, but the knights are the coolest to me. So I was less than pleased with the Knights story and that it was I think the shortest. The Viking one was a bit more interesting, although I had no real interest in playing as them. The Warlord was fun I suppose. Then I started chapter 3, the Samurai ... it is longer than the other 2 chapters combined and has far more cut scenes. WTF UBISOFT biased much? The samurai defeats the Warden ... really? That was garbage at best. I am sorry, but speaking in simple scientific terms the weapons and armor tech is like muskets compared to AR15's people. Knight wins hands down. That sucked ***. Then I am forced to continue on as the samurai and defeat Appolion (spelling) as well. Colossal disappointment. Hands down it should have been the warden, he should have defeated the samurai then they go after her together and at least let us choose who to play in the final battle. WARDEN!!!!!! Hell including the Vikings would have been fun for them probably I can't imagine any Viking faction members finished that story and where like ..."wow I enjoyed that." Can't see how they would.

So to me it is overt the top obvious that for some reason the developers have heavily favored the samurai all along, what is the deal with that? What does everyone else think?

02-18-2017, 10:54 AM
While I'm part disapointed to be unable to select the "Hero" I can use for the final battle. BUT I can also completly comprehend it.
The story itself is what it is, a story with there different part and with a conclusion.

It is not just a scenarised PvP battle like in the first titanfall. It's a real story with the character.

And come on, if you put realistic stuff in this game this game wouldn't be able to exist at all. Viking vs Samourai vs Knight is basicly Rule of Cool in effect.

The story isn't about "you". It's about how Appolyon mange to create a great new war between all three faction.
Just for information, the multiplayer part is between the end of the story mode, and the final cutscene I believe.

And for my personal experience. I loved the Knight part, wasn't disapointed from start to finish. Heck, the very first mission is a little master piece in itself.
I disliked the vikings part but because I don't really like the character. And the Japanese part.... Like a certain George Takei would say: Hoooo myyyy.

02-18-2017, 11:24 AM
The knights chapter was the best. It had the best story telling and the best characters - they actually had character progression.

Vikings ... Valhalla circle ... at least they were funny, had one of the coolest cut scenes (throwing axe to the face) and the horse chase.

Don't get me started on this emperors champion bs and how crappy it was to be forced to play an assassin. The coolest part of the campaign was meeting the former blackstones, who were building up a rebellion. This actually cements the character progression of the knights characters.

Most forgettable characters:
- the kensai
- the oni
The nobushi at least gon an arrow to the knee.