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02-17-2017, 10:34 AM
Since the trilogy has been recently re-released and many people have it fresh in their minds... if you could change some things about the trilogy, what would those be? For example do you prefer the old or new style parkour, do you like the side missions, weapons, combat, presentation etc.?

Note: I don't mean "I would like them to change this for a future remake/re-release", I mean what would you have done differently, in hindsight, if you were on the development team?
What feature(s) would you have looked at and said "nah, I don't like that, let's not put it in the game at all"?

02-17-2017, 12:04 PM
Hard to say. I guess I would make ranged weapons into aimed weapons. I never liked the snap auto-aim, particularly on crossbows, and I think this would be one change that would be the best balance of being beneficial to gameplay without being disruptive to the original design.

02-17-2017, 02:28 PM
Agree with the above, the auto aim snap could feel really clunky and I find myself wishing I could free aim.

I wouldn't change very much, I see each of the Ezio games as imperfect gems, but I do have a few suggestions. The control scheme for the combat system I didn't like, you had to always hold in R2 and the attack button when countering, I for some reason found this very awkward, and whenever I didn't press them at the exact same time I'd fail the counter. This is the sole reason I'm never able to get crazy kill streaks even though it seems everyone else can. Probably a small personal problem. So I'd change countering to one button press, triangle perhaps. The way the countering works in AC3 works so much better for me and I'm able to do very long kill streaks. On that note I'd get rid of the lock on system with regards to combat, it was awkward and clumsy, I'd be detected and instantly attacked within a second, before I had a change to press L2 and lock on. I wouldn't get rid of the lock on system entirely though, it's good for stealth if you want to pick out one target among a cluster of enemies. And remove the overly long. flashy and flow breaking animations that Revelations had, those were really stupid.

I'd remove the amount of archers/gunmen on rooftops, it can be quite annoying and obtrusive, I just want to run around on the rooftops and enjoy the ambient music but every two seconds "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED UP HERE" oh for heavens sake. I'd make ranged enemies very prevalent only in missions and restricted areas.

I wouldn't add crouching, but some kind of cover system would have been nice, just so Ezio could lean against a street wall while tailing or something. There are even animations for this that your Assassin's do in Revelations' Master Assassin missions.

No Den Defense, but I did like the idea your dens could be attacked and retaken, adds a dynamism missing from the games. Instead I'd make it just a combat challenge. A den is being attacked, so you go there, kill all the Templars before they kill your Assassins, or you, and that's how you keep the den. Simple, probably too easy, but better than Den Defense. Oh Den Defense. Tbh it's not terrible just so out of place. However it's really easy to avoid doing it at all if you just keep your notoriety down. The biggest new feature Revelations had is something you can avoid entirely, ha.

I'd definitely add a parkour down button, can be awkward and slow trying to get down a building. I prefer the old system in the Ezio games overall than the new ones. I miss side-eject. Why'd they remove that? Anyway.

Change the economy system in Brotherhood and Revelations. Buying the entire city's shops, and hilariously the landmarks too, was a bit silly. I would have made it work like in AC2, which wasn't perfect either mind you, in that you'd have one area in the city as your home, and you upgrade the shops and infrastructure there in that one piece of land, and that's where your income stems from. So more plausibly, income from the area of the city that you own, not Ezio extorting money from every doctor, blacksmith, tailor, art merchant in the city. What a ruthless capitalist he was, and he claimed to fight for the people, pfft.

I'm sure I could think of more but that's me.

02-17-2017, 05:44 PM
For me on ACII it's little things like:

1) Being able to use Altair's dagger so when I use his clothing the dagger will actually go in the sheath on his back like in the first Assassin's Creed game (I thought that looked neat)

2) Being able to change my quick select in ACII so I can have my dagger select to the right direction button instead of it always being the sword.

3) Altair's sword have it's sheath from the first Assassin's Creed game when selected.

4) Being able to replay memory sequences.