View Full Version : So some observations on changes from beta + others

02-17-2017, 03:22 AM
Right from the start something felt off with For Honor.

now after sometime with it, it seems as though there is either now a tiny bit of input delay or more start frames or perhaps more recover frames (conq running shield bash now as more recovery), what ever the case maybe.
it has now made a lot of stuff that used to be guaranteed or had a high change of success now no longer work. things like landing hits after parry (had this problem with the warden now) or like with the conquerors shield bash you can no longer land a heavy. there is now enough of a delay that its always blocked. also on a side note rabidly changing blocks again seems to have a delay or more start up/recovery, making defending against rapid attack quite tricky and more luck.

this leads to Guard Break being spammed as its the only reliable way to get any damage going. plus with the new GB timing it makes it even worse.

speaking of GB. another reason GB is used so heavily, is Dodge. as it stands at the moment, Dodging needs changing.

1. You should not be able to Dodge when out of Stamina, that just makes no sense. everything else you do when out of stamina is slow and some stuff you can't do at all. but you can dodge at full speed.

2. Dodging into a side attack should result in you getting hit (unless you time it right for a Deflect) would bring it inline with other defences, dodge back is always safe. but no reward as you take your self out of attack range. dodge away from the strike, you are rewarded with not being hit and opening for counter attack. dodge into the strike with the right timing, you get rewarded with a deflect (assassin).

currently the Dodge is basically a one button solves all defence, and it can be spammed.

so in summery thing i would like to see changed

1. sort out whatever they changed to cause the delay (basically make it play the beta)

2. Change GB back to how it was, should be punished for reacting to fast
Scrap that, just seen that they are going to do just that

3. change the dodge so you can just avoid everything with one button press.

02-17-2017, 06:15 PM
going to add a couple more things.

3. Skirmish and Elimination need to be separate (that or just get rid o Skirmish, it's terrible)

4. would like an option to search for new games, and not join in progress, getting fed up of constantly getting half a game.

5. the Bow Feat does way way to much damage.

6. the Lawbringer feat Protected Revive, what exactly does it do, the description is not exactly clear, and haven't noticed any benefit from it.