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02-16-2017, 12:11 PM
Hi all,

Just thought this up while responding to another thread so I thought I would pre-empt my reply and create a post for this.

Just to copy what I posted in the other thread as well.

What I'm looking for is other players of any hero to meet up with for training where we can talk through our characters what moves we are using and how to counter them.
Simply to learn from each other as I find it difficult to learn from a mindless bot.

So any warriors, of any hero, out there who are willing to custom match with no damage to practice and hone out skills please feel free to ad me.
All I ask is a mike and half decent English(or Dutch but that's the only other language I speak) I'm open for business.

Feel free to add me, I'll accept all friend requests.

Hopefully, we will also be able to organize tournaments and such in the future but lets see how we get on first.

P.S. am a PC player but would love to have this for people on XboX and PS4 as well.
I have access to an XboX and my daughter owns a copy so any one willing to join with a PS4 please let me know.

on Xbox I am WilliamsDaniel on PC Agent-Zero-

02-16-2017, 01:16 PM

The Dojo is open to all other factions and or guilds. Anyone from any group is welcome, just leave your affiliation at the door and come practice to "Git Gud".

02-19-2017, 02:59 PM
So there's no community at all here or what? Or am I the only one who's looking for sparring partners?