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02-15-2017, 11:17 PM
Hey there you !@#$%^- beautiful disaster!

Have you grown tired of playing alone? Are random teammates constantly driving you nuts? Are you close to having the salt/water ratio of the Dead Sea? Boy, have I got news for you!

The Marauders is an international, you heard it; international, multi-gaming clan that focuses on skill before fun. You may ask why skill first? Simply because we have a heartfelt belief that as you grow and gain skill in your game, fun is a byproduct of winning more often. Unlike most clans, we don’t expect the new applicants to already be extremely skilled at the game they want to main. We teach them. We coach them. Aye, you read it right, we coach. One of our chief goals is that our members maintain a high level of play and are skilled at their main game and for that we have coaches, who have shown exquisite talent and are willing to pass their knowledge onwards. For communication we use both TeamSpeak and Discord, so you're free to choose which option suits you better! We also have weekly game nights and practices, as well as a monthly in house tournament!

Currently we're looking to build up competitive teams for the future!

If you are interested, leave an application! How?
1. Register at https://www.marauderclan.com/register
2. Create an application with the template at https://www.marauderclan.com/forum/34-applications/
3. Make sure you have read & understood the rules before proceeding.
4. When asked who referred you, just put "Malice". We would love to have you join us!

If you need any help add me on UPLAY or Steam at MRDRS_Malice and I'll help you through the application process. Hope we can play together soon!

03-07-2017, 03:01 PM
Or put "Fishypixels" as your referral. :P

Seriously though. The gaming community behind this is very well organized. Join us!

03-07-2017, 03:12 PM
Your Logo looks like a logo for a Lawyer :D , gl to you guys.

03-07-2017, 11:18 PM

03-08-2017, 05:27 AM
Your Logo looks like a logo for a Lawyer http://static5.cdn.ubi.com/u/ubiforums/20130918.419/images/smilies/biggrin.png , gl to you guys.
Lulz. Noice.

And yes, our skills are dank like that dude's zone attacks.

03-10-2017, 03:40 PM
We are starting to have Game Nights on Sunday at 6pm CST

If you are interested, please check us out at Marauderclan.com

03-14-2017, 07:43 PM
And feel free to play with us anytime on our teamspeak server marauderclan.com. Message MRDRS_Malice, MRDRS_Fishy, or Rider4283 in game or in teamspeak to get pulled in to the For Honor channels.

03-25-2017, 12:36 PM
Still running strong. Join us!

04-07-2017, 01:37 PM
Excited for all the v1.05 changes? Join us and revel in the glory!

04-28-2017, 03:55 PM
Give a Clan a chance, we won't let you down.

04-29-2017, 03:40 PM
Join today! Message Rider4283 or Fishypixels in game if you have any questions.

04-29-2017, 04:34 PM
I need some people to run with. Tired of going solo. I applied on your site and look forward to hearing back.

04-29-2017, 05:11 PM
I need some people to run with. Tired of going solo. I applied on your site and look forward to hearing back.

Sounds great man. Look forward to playing with ya!

04-30-2017, 08:53 PM
Visit marauderclan.com to apply today!

05-01-2017, 11:21 PM
Large clan not limited to one game! Find friends to play ANY game with...including For Honor of course :)

05-03-2017, 12:52 AM
Check us out at marauderlan.com. Or you could even jump into team speak and play with us at server address marauderclan.com!!!

05-03-2017, 11:05 PM
Time to stop rolling alone.

05-06-2017, 03:11 AM
Apply today! www.marauderclan.com

05-08-2017, 01:39 AM
ubi says they're fixing flicker, gb feints, unlock "tech"....looks like they're getting ready for ranked to me!!

05-09-2017, 12:40 AM
Ever thought about joining a clan? Who knows, you just might like it ;)

05-10-2017, 01:01 AM
Check out marauderclan.com to see if you might be interested in what we have to offer!

05-10-2017, 11:50 PM
Apply today, and remember......


05-12-2017, 12:45 AM
Next season starts Tuesday!!! Join Now!!

05-13-2017, 01:33 PM
Check out our multi game community at www.marauderclan.com

05-14-2017, 06:36 AM
I'm personally really excited for what the season 2 updates bring to For Honor! #don'tcallitacomeback

05-14-2017, 11:48 PM
Big reveal tourney tomorrow! Then we all get to enjoy season 2 on Tuesday!

05-16-2017, 12:38 AM
Season 2 World Premiere Tourney on right now!


05-16-2017, 11:36 PM
Join us as we test out the centurion and the shinobi!!

05-18-2017, 04:54 AM
Check out our website at www.marauderclan.com or join us on teamspeak at marauderclan.com

05-20-2017, 09:25 PM
Check our website out and see why a clan could be the right fit for you.

05-21-2017, 05:45 PM
The centurion and shinobi are open to everyone in 2 days! That means you'll be seeing them everywhere. Join the marauders and help us get ready.

05-22-2017, 02:27 AM
hit us up, who knows...you might like it ;)

05-23-2017, 12:51 AM
Apply today at www.marauderclan.com, or come hang out with us on teamspeak server marauderclan.com

05-23-2017, 11:44 PM
Shinobi and Centurion are open to all! Come hone your skills with us.

05-24-2017, 10:31 PM
Join a community with a player base that spans across multiple titles. Of course, For Honor is definitely one of them :)

05-26-2017, 09:39 PM
Come see how well you'd fit into a gaming community like the Marauders!

05-28-2017, 05:17 PM
Growing multi game community! Come find some new friends to play with!

05-29-2017, 02:28 PM
Join us for Orders, Dominion, Elimination, Brawls, In House Scrimmages, or just to have someone to talk to while you duel!

05-30-2017, 03:44 AM
For Honor sucks solo. Apply today!

05-31-2017, 06:23 AM
Apply today to join our growing For Honor community! www.marauderclan.com

06-02-2017, 03:34 PM
LFM for all game modes!

06-05-2017, 09:19 PM
check us out at marauderclan.com!!!

06-06-2017, 04:38 PM
Keep the For Honor dream alive!! The buzz around town is that ranked is coming soon, along with an awesome mechanic remodel!

06-08-2017, 05:05 PM
Apply today at www.marauderclan.com -- or just join a guest room on our teamspeak at server address marauderclan.com

06-11-2017, 08:07 AM
Like For Honor, as well as other games? Check out our multi game community!

06-19-2017, 04:40 AM
Come apply today and see what we have to offer.

06-22-2017, 05:56 AM
Check us out at www.marauderclan.com

07-27-2017, 11:42 PM
Did you guys hear about dedicated servers in the future? COMEBACK!?!?

07-29-2017, 03:49 AM
apply online today at www.marauderclan.com or join us on teamspeak at marauderclan.com

08-01-2017, 10:47 PM
How's everyone enjoying the PTS?? Come see if you might gel in a team comp with the Marauders!

08-02-2017, 05:49 PM
I'd be totally down to join I'll fill out all your stuff let me know when we can get some games in

08-05-2017, 12:32 AM
awesome man. we'll get some games in then

08-07-2017, 02:41 AM
Glad you were able to join us Frostee! Anyone else who's looking for a crew apply today at www.marauderclan.com!