View Full Version : Odin, Jesus, Buddha and....Zeus ?

02-14-2017, 12:31 PM

i enjoyed the open Beta a lot. But there is something i miss and i want to know if there are any plans for it :rolleyes:

Another Faction

Warriors from the old Greek, Rome etc. I know that they called Zeus as Jupiter in Rome. And since the actual classes are from the middle age we coud call this faction "the forgotten" or something like this.

Classes of this Faction

There are plenty of options how this classes coud look like. The gladiator, the legionary, the Trojaner and mabye the hercules . I dont know but they used so different weapons back in the time and i hope there are more fans of the antiquity.

New arenas

What i dream of is a giant colluseum with people sitting in and yelling at the champion. woud be an awesome feeling to fight in there.

New game mode "boss fight"

We coud add an game mode called "Waves". There woud come NPCs in form of lions, warriors or other things and you woud have to fight them and each round they woud get stronger. You coud play this alone or with others and at the end of each Wave there woud be a "boss" . A giant lion in the colluseum which has also different combos so you have to watch it closely to beat it. Just an idea but i think there woud be a lot of potential and it woud be a cool pve activity ;)